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Baby baby food game

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year, Bao mother can gifts days, it is 10 fingers to count, mother's day, women's day, Valentine's day, mother's birthday treasure...... However, dads are gifts to the festival? Think carefully, it seems that in addition to birthday, also left the father's day. (* V *) ah ~ ~ ~ please reward to take leave of dads, if Po mom should have said it? Come on, look at the father's day, we can send to daddy what "intimate" gifts! "


: visual China with baby weapon God power, "white" super daddy daddy

each treasure mom all want their honey can be a super daddy, (* V *) ah ~ ~ ~ this is simple, with a baby weapon in hand, and wait for the baby Baoma super daddy debut.

weapon 1: unhurried, the baby rations a key to get

punch milk machine: washed milk, but a technical activity, water, order, water temperature, strength, tools...... Pay attention to everything, but the milk is perfect function to resolve these embarrassing, set the program, just press the switch daddy, baby milk powder easily washed.

+ food machine: for the baby to make food supplement is also very tedious things, but with a feeding machine, everything is much easier. Daddy just put the ingredients washed, cut, and in order to supplement the ingredients into the machine, select the appropriate function, wait a moment, the baby's delicious food supplement finished it.

tool 2: technology help, daddy to sleep easy

baby rocking chair: when the baby to sleep, mother to baby up gently shake he will enter the sleep state, but this does not know how to grasp the strength of men it's a difficult. But now, don't be afraid, baby rocking chair to sleep is an essential tool for strength, coax baby daddy.

baby toys: toys to appease the variety, but to appease the toys are not the same, it is not only the children's toys, or daddy to sleep. Soft light with gentle hypnotic music, help your baby fall asleep easily, let daddy love at hand.

Weapon 3: with the baby travel safety, handsome indispensable

seat: drove the car, with his wife and children to travel, is daddy a great pleasure, but with the baby travel, safety is the most important, so the seat is not. Safety seat selection of a quality and appearance of the same good, for men with baby travel points.

baby stroller: ordinary baby stroller is too stingy, not completely against dads are manly? Po mom might send daddy a super cool baby stroller, which are not Daddy are rushing to take the baby out.

" this father's day, send daddy Heart Gift

my daddy with the baby is dedicated, in this belongs to daddy's holiday, treasure the mother still consider send daddy coveted gift, let us dear daddy don't be moved to it.

, for example, to send the game many Daddy Cool mechanical gaming keyboard, let daddy to enjoy the excitement of online games. Or send "fancier" photography men and a professional mobile phone camera, let daddy use mobile phone can also shoot a unique "large whenever and wherever possible". Can also send daddy love sports limited edition sneakers, T-Shirts, but buy limited edition is not good to buy Oh, treasure the mother to do your homework earlier. Of course, for a handsome invincible white shirt for the beauty daddy, let him go to the limelight as good......

money, daddy pocket money wayward plus

pick a gift this little things, no matter what time before are so happy and tortured people, so you Baoma, this father's day, we can come to the most simple and the most direct, most self willed, dear daddy to directly increase the pocket money. (* V *) ah ~ ~ ~ actually increase pocket money also contains the machine to be careful Oh, you Baoma to disclose it, increase the pocket money to dads are not exactly, in order to let daddy can have more liquidity, days after the preparation for his "big" ceremony! This mind, treasure the mother are get to

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