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Baby paranoia baby

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". The freaky sisters

, artist Alefes Silva

mother gave birth to many, after the people become nervous, worried about the child.

doubts that the baby is not here where uncomfortable uncomfortable... Go out at home when it is nerve taut, worried traffickers always haunt away all day was suspicious, baby... Get tired by being, the family also followed.

, but who is the mother who doesn't have delusions? Are too care about children out of "heart disease."".

what about you? Did you have a similar experience after being a mother?

" should be more or less paranoid, and I am no exception.

especially my maternity leave to work the first one or two months, working at the moment, my mind always unconsciously into such picture:

mother to buy food, let the neighbors to help take care of the big E, the half year old neighbor to E

with feed sugar; father-in-law stroller with E go to the Park to play, E by traffickers holding car disappeared;

mom wanted to take small A on the roof to see the scenery, but under the stairs when accidentally rolled down;

dad put small A on the sofa, he went to the toilet, found out the small A off the ground, but also hit the head hurt...

besides, I sometimes call home, ask the child there is no time to eat, sleep, mental state how, stool is not normal... Like a Luo Suo in the old woman, asking questions asked over and over until all.

" was a new mother, we will treat your children like a precious, because it was conceived in October, we face serious deformation, even almost body's in yongming. Therefore, the child's health determines our mood. When mom's paranoid, it should be considerate.

however, the excessive delusion about the child's safety should be stopped! Not only day dementedly will affect their mood and work, also can affect relationships between family members. what would you say if you were always questioned by your family about having a poor child?

so when the mother is bold but cautious. Boldly trust helping you with the children of the elderly, carefully prepared their children all about food and supplies. In this way, they take the child less worry, when the mother can also more assured.

, I've been suffering from delusions of persecution since I became a mother"!

1, baby sleeping for fear of touching his forehead to groan and moan, and have a fever; suddenly quiet for a long time, get up to look at his breath to see will not suffocate;

2, because I heard a mother the night nurse asleep, baby choking tragedy, to feed the milk at night is always wary, too sleepy to play a nap is suddenly woke up, afraid that a moment let the baby suffocating;

3, since the baby will go, will tiptoe around touch, afraid of electric shock, afraid to touch the water, fear of injury... So, collision angle, collision safety lock... Installation of glass door and fence, various security measures in place, or afraid to blink an eye, baby or turning tricks to hurt yourself; "

4", let the baby his father at home to take care of their children, go out to work, but also in less than 1 hours began to worry about the baby will not be hungry, crying, urine, fell... Hurry home!

5, Grandpa and grandma take baby back home, have not gone out, began a variety of fantasies, will encounter traffickers? Bad guy? The car is out of order Have you lost your luggage? Baby crying for mom and dad?... While thinking, can not help but scold oneself crow mouth!

, that sort of thing is endless. As Mom, we always want to do better than harm our kids. So, don't laugh at myself a false alarm like a snake, on this day in and day out we will grow in the thoroughly tempered, more calm and better mother.

, remember that when I was a mother, I was surprised all day long. Eat a meal, sleep, toilet, will hear the cries of children. Tremble with fear ran a look, people ran fine, being asleep or at me to meet.

sometimes looked wanderers sleeping, can not help but stare at the Wanderers chest to see if there is no ups and downs, even with the finger to nose below the child feel the breath, the heart can be assured and at ease down.

walked in the car to the street, surrounded by the sharp whistle roared past, my paranoia was committed. Children are so small, if you don't care how to do a traffic accident... Even a brain supplement to children was hit by a car to pain, I hold the child crying scene. Thinking, thinking, not from the eye socket, pantothenic acid, in tears will be spewing out!

" with the child grew up, sometimes see a
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