Students in Chongqing were killed by a knife in the toilet

Toilets Chongqing Pengshui students

fazhiwanbao· 2016-05-05 01:25:07

# late depth instant # (manuscript overall Zhu shunzhong reporter Dong) yesterday afternoon to morning, law late reporter from the office of Chongqing Pengshui police, mulberry of Pengshui County extension school get news shows, the county middle school students because students and there is a contradiction between, be hit more than students in the toilet, was finally people holding the weapon stabbed to death.

"students was stabbed in the toilet. "The evening of May 3rd, Chongqing City, Pengshui county middle school students from the students sang zhe toilet killed the news in the local forum. The deceased where sang Zhe school teacher Zhang, then to reporters confirmed there are indeed some students because students were beaten to death, an event that occurs in the April 28 afternoon 1 when the left and right sides, the students between the contradictions caused. < p > "thing is happened in the school toilets, the student was stabbed in the chest with large blood", see people carrying medical students told law late (micro channel ID:fzwb_52165216 52165216) reporter said, shortly after the incident, 4, 5 students carrying stabbed students went to the nearest hospital. "But eventually did not.

it is understood that the deceased was a junior high school grade two boys Zhao Ying (a pseudonym). Zhaoying a classmate to Legal Evening News reporter introduced eyewitness situation: at the time of the incident, a bathroom on the third floor in the teaching building is one block not to let go, "Zhao Beidu on the inside of the toilet, at least three hit him". < p > Zhaoying a teacher Zhang told reporters, the beginning of both sides is in a junior middle school classroom dialogue, then arrive the classroom on the third floor, the junior middle school second grade Zhao next to the toilet, the toilet block don't let other people in, "five or six people on the inside of the toilet fight". See the body with the blood of the students ran out of the toilet, the students gathered to tell the school. Teachers are the first time to the police, and arrange the injured to the hospital, but the child eventually died. < p > late (micro channel ID:fzwb_52165216 52165216) yesterday afternoon, the reporter contact to the deceased father, he told reporters that Zhao Yinggang over 16 years old, now the second grade of junior middle school, love playing basketball, good popularity, "real reason is not Chu incident, we believe that the police investigation results". < p > yesterday evening, a Chongqing Pengshui County Public Security Bureau police officer to the Legal Evening News reporter confirmed that sang zhe middle school students were killed in the event of is true. The police are the further investigation of the case, there is not convenient to open the detail. (Legal Evening News)

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