How far is the Windows shop from success?

Microsoft games win apple

weifengwang· 2017-06-16 05:06:23

from the Windows 8 system Microsoft Windows Store as a new function is introduced into the system, had been installed on the PC program and most of them are from the website to download the installation package and install, so free on the Windows platform of the setup and development of software freedom is very high, but now look at Apple Corp App store is becoming more and more prosperous, the ecological environment of apple can be said to be moving in the field of doing the best one, with the Winodws 8 Microsoft to promote the Metro application, so the launch of Windows Store can be said to be a more appropriate time, but has been the development of Windows Store has been not Wen did not fire, and did not become popular with users welcome shops such as Microsoft as expected, people still prefer the traditional way of installation package Installing desktop applications is also reflected in the sales of related Surface RT products.

, but Microsoft did not give up easily Windows Store, even to Windows 10 times, Microsoft will be a system in many too advanced design have been modified and give up, but there are few things or are inherited in the new system, the design is a flat, one is Windows Store Metro and its application, but after development, now Microsoft Windows Store can be said to be more and more good, this also with Microsoft's own continuous investment are inseparable, in the recently famous puliao WalkingCat broke the news, Microsoft currently has application of Office 2016 to Windows Store, the current on-line application of a total of six, respectively, Word, Excel, Pow ErPoint, Outlook, Access and Publisher applications have basically covered the most common use of ordinary people in everyday life.

Office as everyone knows, after many years of operation, has become an indispensable part of the Microsoft Empire, its influence in terms of productivity is still not able to compete with the works, although many software vendors have also launched the corresponding application office in the attempt, but still can not shake the position in Microsoft in the field of. In recent years, Microsoft and Office to the mobile platform, is to let its influence has been further expanded, according to Microsoft released last year reported by Office in June last year in the most recent fiscal year total revenues of $23 billion 600 million, is to get revenue of a business most of the business, and since 2010. The overall revenue has maintained a rising trend year by year, so will Office to also show that Microsoft will continue to carry on the investment, and very confident.

" in the early launch of Windows Store, users for their dissatisfaction focused too little in the number of software, but the software quality has generally compared with desktop applications there is a big gap, in addition, the installation path selection software server connection quality and the user cannot free, but also allows users to abandon it is one of the important reasons, but through constantly updated in Windows 10, after two issues have been resolved, and the first two can be said to be an important aspect of whether an app store can attract users.

we can see in the game by Microsoft Play Anywhere will host many high-quality games ported to the PC platform, although the host caused some discontent among the game player, but this method can effectively attract game player groups to upgrade the system and download the game from Windows Store, after all, most of these games are Windows Store an earlier, but there is news that Microsoft intends to make it can compete with the Steam platform, although look from this goal is still some way off. In addition, like iTunes and Spotify and other desktop applications in the field of high praise, and user groups are very large applications have settled in, but also to attract Windows Store gradually improved.

of Microsoft in recent years has been trying to build a super cross device platform, from Microsoft a lot of action can be seen in Microsoft has been gradually bridge the gap between the console and the PC platform to break, also in the mobile platform while their products at present is not particularly awesome, but from many updates can still see Microsoft is the mobile platform system and desktop systems integration, the similarity between the two is more and more high, and in the super UWP application platform has become a vital link, you can now see if users in Windows Store to buy a generic version of the application, whether in Xbox or One host PC can be installed and used The importance of the Windows Store naturally speaks for itself.

application is a monster like Office Windows Store on the line, its influence will be more and more big, but after the first party applications support the more important, placed in front of Microsoft is how to draw the third party developers launched its UWP app store, when the UWP platform has just launched, many application vendors have launched the application, many independent developers also have a lot of

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