Li Guangyao's grandson: Li Xianlong abused my right to make my parents want to go abroad

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although Li Guangyao has passed away in 2015, Lee still has a pivotal influence on singapore. Yesterday (14 days), the Li Guangyao family internal contradictions in public again, Li Xianyang and brother Li Weiling accused Singapore Prime Minister Li Xianlong and his wife Ho, against Li Guangyao's will and want for themselves and their children inherit the fame of Li Guangyao". Following the escalation of the conflict, Li Xianyang's eldest son, Li Shengwu, joined the family controversy, accusing uncle Li Xianlong of "forcing" his parents to "leave the painful decision" to leave singapore. The grandson of Li Guangyao

joined the family debate

global network quoted "Singapore United Morning Post" reported that Li Xianyang and her sister Li Weiling 14, issued a statement, said it had on his brother, the incumbent Prime Minister of Singapore Li Xianlong lost confidence, and a number of allegations against Li Xianlong, Li Xianyang also said in a statement "will leave for Singapore in the foreseeable future," the news at singapore. Singapore Prime Minister Li Xianlong, who is on vacation, then responded by denying the charges and said he was saddened by the allegations of his brother and sister. Later in the

14, Li Xianyang's son Li Shengwu joined the fray. "My family has become increasingly concerned about the lack of checks and balances," he wrote in Facebook. "This has made my parents plan to move to other countries. It's a painful decision that has to be made.".

Li Guangyao and his wife Ke Yuzhi are very affectionate, with 2 sons and 1 daughters: Li Xianlong, Li Weiling and Li Xianyang. Li Weiling was born in 1955. She is president of the National Institute of cerebral medicine in Singapore and is still single. In Li Guangyao's later years, Li Weiling was a practical carer. Born in

1957, Li Guangyao was the youngest son of Li Xianyang. He served as president and CEO of Singapore Telecom from 1995 to 2007, and later served as chairman of the Singapore Civil Aviation authority. Li Xianyang studied in American schools, has publicly declared that there is no interest in politics.

Taiwan "Chinese times" says 14 days, and now even has always been keeping political distance younger brother in open revolt, doubt whether it is family infighting, or as Li Weiling said, Singapore is likely to enter the "third generation succession"? The former residence of Li Guangyao

Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" reported that local time 14 days morning, Li Xianyang and Li Weiling issued a statement on the six page on Facebook, entitled "Li Guangyao values where" (What Has Happened to Lee Kuan Yew's Values).

said in a statement on the brother of prime minister Li Xianlong accused Li Xianlong of "lost confidence", his wife Ho "ultra vires", Li Xianlong couples want for themselves and their children inherit the fame of Li Guangyao.

Li Xianyang Facebook screenshot

statement pointed out that the prime minister Li Xianlong, Li Guangyao had managed to retain in Oxley Road No. 38 of the former residence of Li Xianyang and Li Weiling in Li Guangyao's will follow in the process of demolition obstructed residence.

said the statement, Li Xianlong this approach contrary to the wishes of Li Guangyao.

it is understood that, as the executor of Li Guangyao Li Weiling and his brother Li Xianyang had publicly to the disposal of the former residence of Li Guangyao wills in 2015, emphasizing the father in old age has repeatedly asked the Singapore government to ensure that after his death, demolition of residence, so as not to be "relics for worship".

Li Guangyao once said: "in the will after we die, we will hope in Oxley Road No. 38 residential demolition immediately. If my daughter, Ling Ling, is willing to stay here, the house will be removed immediately after she moves out. "The will also states that if the children are unable to remove the children in the future because of changes in the law or regulations, they hope that the house will not be opened except for its own family members.

Li Guangyao died in April 2015, Li Weiling said the father continued to reside in Oxley Road No. 38 in the house, the old villa will not immediately removed, when Li Xianlong said, sister did not intend to move away from the government, temporarily don't have to decide whether to keep the house. In April

2015, Li Xianlong said in Congress that he wanted to carry out his father's wishes as a son, but that the home would eventually have to be decided by the government at that time".

in addition, Li Weiling said in 2016, "eldest brother Li Xianlong condemned the abuse of power and build a dynasty".

last year, Li Guangyao's death 1st anniversary, Li Xianlong and sister Li Weiling on whether to hold a commemorative event different views. At that time, Li Weiling said in an editorial, "lest we forget Li Guangyao, HL (Li Xianlong English initials) without hesitation abused his power, in the death of Li Guangyao only held over 1st anniversary commemoration activities. But the fact is that last year (father died) event, we still have a very deep impression, no one will forget in a year. "

" if the ruler wanted to set up the Dynasty and be the daughter of Li Guangyao, I would not allow his fame to be defiled by his son's dishonorable conduct. "But Li Weiling then withdrew the post.

Li Xianlong,

, Li Xianlong, aged 65, took over as prime minister in Singapore in August 12, 2004 and has been in the post for more than 12 years.

Li Xianlong was diagnosed with lymphoma in 1992 and received chemotherapy for three months. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in February 2015.

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