Focus! Pay attention to the growth of multi-dimensional phase, the 4 phase of the baby thrive

Baby food growth

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often receives a message from a novice mother: "how many months can the baby add a complementary diet?" "The baby adds food to support, also long not strong, how to return a responsibility?" "When can I have noodles?" "… … from a lot of message consultation, you can find that moms are confused about baby feeding."! Since the baby can eat complementary food, the mother began to rack their brains, as far as possible to make color, aroma and taste, full of nutritious food, I hope that baby can grow up healthily. Yet it backfired. What's this all about? Today, talk to your mother about the rules for feeding babies at different stages.

" from the baby after birth to 36 month old baby, is the peak of physical development, but also a critical period of body tissues and organs mature. This phase of the baby, the demand for high quality energy and nutrients are relatively higher than adults. At the same time, however, the digestive and absorptive functions of the baby's gastrointestinal tract are not yet mature, and there is a certain contradiction between the body's nutritional and digestive functions. Therefore, according to the baby development needs to formulate nutrition intake strategy. And in the baby 4-6 months old (supplementary food initial stage) to 24 month old, from passive feeding to self feeding, rapid growth and development, the organs and organs gradually mature time, we also call it "growth multi-dimensional period"".

"growth multidimensional period" is the key to promote early childhood development. During this period, if not properly fed, not only will affect the baby's physical, physical, and even intellectual development, and even affect adult health. But, how do you ensure proper feeding in the "growth period"? Suggest in stages according to the baby's nutritional status and development of food supplement, that is, according to different stages of the baby for the baby to introduce different complementary food.

- the first stage of sitting up: + iron + calcium nutrition, can not be wrong

, 4-6 months after the baby was born, relying solely on dairy products have been unable to meet the nutritional needs of physical development. The addition of food at this stage is mainly for the baby to provide milk food can not provide nutrition, in order to ensure that the baby's intake of nutritionally balanced, to ensure that the baby access to intelligence, physical and other aspects of growth and development required. So, for the first time to add complementary food to the baby, what should be chosen? Is the baby to eat egg, vegetables or mud? In fact, the best choice for the first time to add complementary foods is baby nutritious rice flour.

nutrition recommendation : because at this time the baby's body with iron elements have been close to depletion, mothers in the baby's complementary food should pay particular attention to iron intake. Therefore, when choosing the mothers nutrition Rice noodles, can start from the formula, the preferred nutrition Rice noodles + iron + calcium iron zinc calcium, like Heinz Rice noodles, nutrition science, consider the baby in dairy foods to the transition period of the cooking, add milk flavor, help the baby food supplement through early.

second stage sitting period: many flavors to create not picky baby

at this stage the baby can sit up on his own, but also try to have dinner! After the initial addition of food, the baby's chewing ability has been further developed, and began to develop their own taste preferences. Generally speaking, in order to reduce the baby's future or partial eclipse picky phenomenon at this stage suggest introducing several different flavors foods or other foods mixed in Rice noodles, let the baby grew up to taste a variety of foods.

- nutrition recommendation : this stage is also the baby's baby teeth germination period, we should pay special attention to calcium absorption. Calcium is the main component of teeth, inadequate intake may cause teething late or hypoplasia of teeth. In addition, adequate amounts of vitamins should be taken to help maintain gingival tissue health. In Rice noodles, you can choose to add carrots, tomatoes, vegetables and other ingredients, but also focus on strengthening the calcium iron zinc Heinz Rice noodles taste of fruits and vegetables, to help reduce the baby unhealthy eating possibilities for the future.

third stage creep: training digestion force

to enter the October age, the baby came crawling. Crawling can be said to be a comprehensive all-round training of the baby, a strong physique, promote cognitive, balance the size of the brain, and even the entire nervous system development. This time, the baby's nutrition also needs to keep up with. However, as mentioned earlier, the baby's digestion and absorption capacity of the stomach and nutrition needs a certain contradiction. What should I do? Gradually train your baby's stomach and digestive ability from the diet!

, nutrition advice: the baby creeping into the period, you can add corn fiber rich foods in food, such as grain nutrition Rice noodles Heinz, enhance the baby's digestive ability, for the future lay the foundation for more food. In addition, some mothers will be in consultation with experts advice to the baby to eat probiotics preparation, and enhance the baby's gastrointestinal digestion and absorption capacity.

fourth stage stand helped go: diversification of diet

know the world from the joy of crawling to a toddler, but this is one of the important stages of the growth of the baby. 12 month old, the baby standing, want to step into the calf, explore the world more and more desire. And

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