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exercise and no exercise, every day, there is no difference; for a month, little difference; but every five years ten years, physical and mental state there is a huge difference. Reading is the same reason, reading and without reading, days and months multiplying and eventually became as different as heaven and hell.

learn a little more today, and tomorrow there will be less asking for help.

" asked: "I read a lot of books, but most are forgotten, what is the significance of this reading?

answered, "when I was a child, I ate a lot of food, and now I can't remember what I ate.". But surely some of them have grown into my bones and meat. "

you read the book already into your flesh and blood, as long as a touch point will be gushing out.

asked, a girl so long, read so many books, not final or to return to a normal city, a common worker, married, washing and cooking, xiangfujiaozi, why?

I think we adhere to, even eventually fell into the complex, Xijinqianhua, the same work, but do not have the same mood, the same family, but do not have the same appeal, the same generations have different qualities.

the number of books read in the world every year ranks first among the Jews, with an average of 64 books a year. And China's 1 billion 300 million people, excluding textbooks, an average of 1 books a year, less than. A love reading nation, of course, is excellent. Since

Nobel award, a total of 20% Jews took the prize in chemistry, 25%, 27% prize in physics prize in physiology or medicine, 41% prize, 12% Nobel prize in literature, but also get more than 1/3 of the Pulitzer prize, the Oscar prize of more than 1/3. While the Jewish population in the world accounted for only 0.3 percent.

"your temperament now hides the way you have traveled, the books you read, the people you loved.". "

" reading, let me not even affluent life, still has a rich life, let me have the poor simple ordinary has good so far, so far, still has strong small.

even after marriage, life wisdom and goodness is my dowry. I have not been in the busy world, I have not heard the noise of the uproar, I have not seen too many creatures, I have never had a hot heart, but books have given me all the wisdom and emotion. "

", if you wake up in the middle of the night to find that you have been reading for a long time and have no guilt, you must know that you have fallen.

said the book itself is not how great, but reading this behavior means that you do not fully agree with the reality and reality, you have to pursue, struggling, you still have another kind of discontent, you still might find another way of life. "

I read for the sake of not meeting the people I don't want to meet.". Reading is to become a person who has temperature, knowledge and thinking.

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