Xu Jiao's trick is not net red...

Xu Jiao net red Liu Haoran Changjiang seven

xinyang· 2017-06-17 10:08:42

recently, everyone in the "Tucao" Wu Xin in the "late night dining room" acting, but did you find the participants, as well as our 95 after the small flower niche, Xu Jiao and Liu Haoran?!

Xu Jiao in the drama as gifted with a dream of singing girl Kiki, and Liu Haoran found her musical talent and efforts to help her realize the dream of "teacher Le Xiaoyang.

, obviously very young, very anticipated combination. However, for Xu Jiao's performance, netizens do not seem to buy it.

" but in all the focus on her acting or voice Tucao, many more death note oxygen to see her face … but soil seems far away.


" and then a close-up of … this experience in the end?

" is said to have come from the transformation as a tomboy girl?

", after all, the pictures we saw were obviously fairies.

", "Metamorphosis" after Xu Jiao, has been known as a girl of two dimension. Like cosplay, love hanfu. Almost every picture we saw was tender and immortal.

self timer is also very supple.

" in a group of friends, and also very brisk.

, content_img_p, but look at her in the video again

Xian not tender is not enough, probably a lot of people will feel cheated.

" of course, you might be questioned &hellip causes other; in fact, after the change of shape, face is still difficult.

" so, this is really the same person?

contrast, Xu Jiao's degree of cheating is really not less than some net red bar.

", and so a contrast, everyone is suddenly found, Xu Jiao jaw why so strange?

and Xu Jiao probably realized his chin, so her photos, or put some short chin.

" or take pictures through overhead or Yang shot from different angles, the actual length of the chin up.

" or through a variety of actions to cover cover.

" but appeared in drama, with a view to expose.

" so Xu Jiao chin strange where? First of all, obviously, of course, the length is too long. Remember the standard for the length of a good-looking chin that a sheep has spoken before? Take it out and review it
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