Even the expensive shoes were put on slippers by Wu Yifan

Wu Yifan Edison Chan the seventy-two floor wonder building

tanzi· 2017-06-17 10:09:16

recently, Wu Yifan Hunan TV recording "seventy-two odd floor", and opened the &hellip not to wear shoes; &hellip

a good pair of running shoes, Wu Yifan was so easy to wear slippers. You know, these shoes are thousands of dollars. Is it too wasteful to wear slippers?.

said," and then the expensive tide shoes, to the foot of Wu Yifan, have become slippers. This picture is really too much. Whether it is clover or vans, or I do not know the tide shoes, Wu Yifan will be used as slippers, it is too headstrong. However, since it is a star, this money is still there, not to mention Wu Yifan or ADI spokesmen, no matter how to wear shoes are not worn, and really enviable.

said, Edison Chan shoes more. No matter what tide shoes, out of the new, always send a pair of chen. This is Mr. Chen's position in the fashion circle. So Edison Chan is not to take the shoes when the shoes or slippers when casual wear, such as the last time he went to see Terracotta Army, on the way to sell Nike stock, thousands of double vapormax fashion shoes when wear slippers, see Terracotta Army is like go to the backyard of his walk, saying this light wind Danyun pies, is really out only experienced teacher Chen to do the strong wind and big waves.

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