The Soviet nuclear submarine exploded and sank, leaving dozens of bombs unaccounted for

The United States the sea Bermuda

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" in the photo this strategic nuclear submarine is very strange, its speed is very low, the sailplane erected a strategic missile silo covers take wings to itself. It belongs to "Yankee class" and "K-219". On the face of it, the strategic nuclear submarine appeared to be a problem, but in fact it sank at last.

", and "K-219" is a top view of the boat. The picture was taken by an American plane. At that time, the K-219 boat was carrying out a strategic deterrent mission, located 1090 km northeast of bermuda. This is the backyard of the United States, considering that the R-27U (RSM-25) missile carries a maximum range of 3000 kilometers, so in this area, K-219 can wipe many cities of the United States from the earth.

, the Soviet Union's own photograph of the K-219 boat. In October 3, 1986, due to a missile cabin seal failure, causing water poured into the cabin, and liquid fuel with missile reaction to produce chlorine and nitrogen dioxide amount, the situation is very critical.

" the accident occurred eight minutes, 6 silo explosion, RSM-25 missile is ejected in the well, and fell into the sea. Falling into the sea with the missile, there are two nuclear warheads. The explosion killed two sailors on the spot, then another sailor was poisoned by leaked poisonous gas.

is worse, after the explosion, K-219 nuclear submarine has a large influx of seawater, quickly from the beginning of the 40 depth sinks to a depth of over 300 meters. In order to keep the submarine and self-help, captain ordered the seal of all compartments, and to pump drainage, will dive deep down stability.

, such a serious accident, spread to the nuclear reactor, then the consequences will be unimaginable. At this point, the meter shows that the nuclear reactor has shut down automatically, but it has not stopped. A sailor named Sergei • poure minin volunteered to shut down the reactor. After shutting down the reactor, fire broke out in his cabin and increased pressure in the cabin, resulting in the failure to open the hatch and return to the safe cabin. Soon after, Sergei • poure minin died of suffocation, was 21 years old when sacrifice.

nuclear reactor shut down after the captain ordered K-219 rely on auxiliary power up. According to superior command, use the cargo will be towed back to the submarine in Gadji Jerzy Wo's home port. This is a difficult task because Gadji Jerzy Wo is 7000 kilometers from the sea area.

" because of gas have been leaked to the last safety cabin, so the captain Igor • breta Ivanov to abandon the boat, which is contrary to the orders of the. After the evacuation, Igor • breta remained in the boat, K-219 ivanov. Barreta Andrianof's move shows that he is a qualified and respected captain.

Igor • Barreta Andrianof under the command of captain to abandon the boat, lead to the top then soon fly into a rage, relieved of his duties, let F Sh Niki take over command of tile Reilly &bull. However, it could not save the chicken will K-219 no.. Three days after the accident, boat K-219 sank in the sea where the abyssal plain was located.

" when the accident occurred, the K-219 boat has been in service for 15 years. The water displacement of the boat is 7766 tons, the underwater displacement is 9300 tons, and two OK-700 type nuclear reactors are used as the power, and the underwater speed is 26. The K-219 boat's armament consists of 4 533 mm torpedo tubes, 2 406 mm torpedo tubes, and 16 submarine missile silos.

K-219", a total of boats capable of carrying 16 type R-27U submarine launched ballistic missiles, nuclear warheads on each missile can carry 3 pieces of 200 thousand tons. Considering the launch of the 6 launch silo carrying 2 nuclear warheads, the K-219 boat carries at least 32 nuclear warheads while performing strategic deterrent patrols.

" at the time of the sinking, K-219 nuclear submarine and equipped with the remaining 15 R-27U missiles together sank to 6000 meters under the sea. In 1988, the Soviet hydrographic investigation ship found the wreckage of the K-219 boat. At this point, the boat had broken into two pieces. What's even more shocking is that many missile cabins are already open, and the missiles and warheads inside are missing.

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