Did you cut it on your side? Does it affect sex life?

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, "Hey, are you cutting side?" "A lot of labor was almost cut off side. No pregnant mother, I heard that "side cutting" two words are some trembling, that side cutting really so terrible? When

gave birth to the baby, no matter what method, unloading the most important, after the birth began to tangle, side cut will leak urine ah? Can sexual life be disharmonious?

come and go, we have a map, there is truth in science: what is lateral cutting?

episiotomy refers to the delivery at the end of the second stage of labor or delivery process, with a pair of scissors or scalpel in perineal do an oblique incision, and the need for a surgical suture repair.

why is

side cutting necessary?

1, the first birth mother, general perineal tight, when the baby is too big or too fast delivery, if not timely episiotomy, the perineum is likely to occur serious tear, stitched up will be very difficult, it would also slow recovery.

2 and side cutting can also reduce the pressure on the birth canal when the baby's head drops, thus protecting the elasticity of the vagina and not affecting the later sexual life.

3, side cutting shortened the baby's stay in the birth canal, greatly reducing the baby's lack of oxygen.

4, if we have to do side cuts, we have to stop it, which is likely to cause a fracture of the clavicle or loss of nerve in the baby. I remember

Mini package, the hospital has a high myopia pregnant mother, age is relatively large, and the child had had a history of asthma, the doctor recommended that she caesarean section, because of the fear of childbirth long time lead to retinal detachment, and uncertain production will not lead to asthma, but she insisted on birth. Fortunately, in the production, the doctor promptly carried out the episiotomy, the birth process is not particularly long, and did not cause other problems.

so it's sometimes necessary for a lot of moms who have high blood pressure, heart disease and high myopia.

side cut" will affect sex life?

rest assured, no!

in general, the lateral incision of the natural side can be healed 3-4 weeks after the operation, and the vagina will still maintain good elasticity. But if there is no

side cut caused severe perineal tear, cross wound healing is not very good, in the days after the sex life is very likely to cause pain. Can

side cut cause urinary incontinence?

spontaneous delivery mothers generally have more urinary incontinence than their mothers undergoing caesarean section. Because when the natural childbirth, the baby passes through the birth canal, can cause the extrusion to the urethra, moreover, when pregnant, the baby tire to the pelvic cavity oppression and so on, all have the incontinence reason, has nothing to do with the side cutting.

for urinary incontinence in this problem, we can consciously do postpartum pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation training (you can do yourself at home), the simplest way is to urinate, urine generally paused, and then finish.

so, whether you need to cut the side, the doctor will be judged according to the specific situation of our lives, as a kind of instinct, people don't have time to want to cut more money on the side of things on the table. He was thinking about how to better deliver the baby.

not to mention from a medical point of view, side cut really serious than tear the nature of our health, more beneficial to the health of the baby, so you can relax this girl?

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