Tang Jiezhong, the famous crosstalk actor, died at the age of 85

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wangyiyule· 2017-06-18 22:10:46

Jiang Kun had visited Tang Jiezhong

entertainment NetEase reported on June 18th according to several comic actor revealed that the famous performing artists Tang Jiezhong's medical treatment is invalid, died on the evening of June 18, 2017, at the age of 85.

Tang Jiezhong (1932 - 2017) from Shandong (now Huangxian Longkou), born in Beijing. Executive director of China rap art research center, adjunct professor at the Institute of Chinese and foreign cultures at Beijing Language Institute, and consultant of Singapore new wind cross talk society. Has been rated as "national ten star". Win the "Hou Baolin prize", "Chinese folk art peony Award" lifetime achievement award". In 1949 the army, into a song. In 1958, he transferred to the military acrobatic troupe of Guangzhou military area and became a professional crosstalk actor. 1964 Beijing to worship Liu Baorui as a teacher. He wrote and performed "story", the master himself for his straight man. In 1964, transferred to the central broadcasting rap troupe. 1974 began to partner with Ma Ji, to perform a "friendship" new song "," Peach Blossom Spring "," swallow "and" Plateau "such as rainbow comic, renowned throughout the country, a. After Hao Aimin and partner, launched the "polite", "father and son", "hero notice" and other works. In 1985, he began to work with Jiang Kun, performing "reverie of the tiger's eye", "elevator adventure", "singing songs", "worry", "big news", and so on.

has participated in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala performance, and has served as a host of large-scale theatrical evening. His straight man honest, gentle nature, and can adjust the performance style according to the characteristics of different partners, can be tightly connected with every guy with. Zhang Maoqi, Li Jianhua, a disciple of Li Yi, Liu Quangang, Li Jinxiang, Zhao Bin, Cui Xiyue, Yang Ning, Gong Hanlin, Wei Zhenbai, Zhu Qi, Wang Shengya, Yang Zuyao, Carlow, Marlowe, Luo Aitian, jade, Yu Baodong and Wang, Elvis Tsui, Zhao Zhihong, Han Zhanjun Defang etc..

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