Alipay users Nouveau riche! Spend 618 hours in school

Tmall Alipay Jingdong

ITzhijia· 2017-06-19 07:24:03

6 19 is a Jingdong business news yesterday 618, according to Alipay's ant flowers chant stage released data show that Tmall during the 618 stage. Flowers transaction amount exceeded 4 billion yuan, of which the first installment transaction amount increased by 343%, the number of transactions rose 265% stages.

stage is provided by the flower flowers chant chant first, after the monthly repayment of consumer services, more suitable for one-time purchase of commodities, such as television, hand machines and other large appliances and other flowers, chant stage responsible person said that the flower stage. For the emergence of Taobao, Tmall buyers can stimulate consumption potential, enhance user retention and play an important role.

" from the transaction amount TOP10 industry data provided by Bai flower stage, mobile phone, all electricity and residential furniture ranked Tmall 618 flower stage chant transaction amount of TOP10 industry first, in addition to young people keen on digital products, for the traditional appliance installment transaction the most obvious increase.

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