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shared bikes are still hot.

6 16, v-mobile has announced over $600 million financing. At the same time, a shared bike called "Wukong bike" in Chongqing couldn't keep up. The v-mobile announced three days ago in finance, Wukong bicycle announced to stop operations. This makes Wukong bicycles become the industry's first completely out of the enterprise.

for this outlet, the founder of Wukong bicycle, ray Li took in about 3000000 yuan, and more than 1000 bicycles were missing. Of course, he did not intend to come back, "as a public good."". What is involved in

ray Houyi into the air? What are your mental experiences? What bloody lessons did you have? Yesterday, entrepreneur &I horse and ray Houyi chatted, following for the entrepreneur &i dark horse oral.

", interview arrangement: Zhou Luping

oral: Ray Houyi (Goku bicycle founder)

source: entrepreneurs (ID:chuangyejia) authorized the 21 Financial Wenhui released


a year ago, I had the idea of doing bike sharing.

at that time, I was inspired by two points: first, before the project funding strand breaks, no money to taxi, so often walk running business, but the efficiency is very low, a waste of time.

two is on the Internet to see ofo reports, think this is just need, just solved the three kilometers travel demand. Before

, I did petty cash loans in consumer finance. This project later died, the problem in the capital, did not find the loan funds, also did not melt into the capital. I found a few investment institutions, their evaluation is very simple: the consumer finance field is no problem, but this thing is not what you can do, because your professional ability is not strong.

later, we made a transition to loan flow distribution. This transformation has finally brought us back to life, with pockets of money in our pockets. But traffic distribution problems, users can not get data, no sticky, the basic disk instability, at most one or two years to do.

so we launched the shared bike program. Before the start, I was advised that v-mobile and ofo heady, you made a very small probability. I was also suggested to do vertical areas, such as mountain biking or scenic bikes.

but I like to bet and bet on big ones. I think that since we can bring a company back to life, we have the ability to share bikes.


2016 in the second half, sharing bicycle industry financing very crazy, v-mobile and ofo posture is really not let newcomers live. But I don't have time to think about it on the battlefield. What I can think of is to get into production as soon as possible and get a ticket".

12 9, we started APP, and completed the development in 20 days. Our first stop was in Chongqing. Why is it in Chongqing?

first, we all think that Chongqing is a mountain city, and it is impossible to share bicycles. If we do, it's very communicative.

two is Chongqing, is our base camp, strategic significance than practical, always not even base camp is not put on the vehicle.

our bikes are shipped in two lots. The first batch is to test the market, and the second batch is to let the market know Wukong bike, occupy the user's mind, get tickets. The first batch of

was launched in January 5th of this year. Two hundred or three hundred cars were added, and the cost of each vehicle was about 250 yuan. The total cost was about 50 thousand yuan.

second is at the end of February, we launched one thousand bicycles. We sent ten thousand orders to a manufacturer in Tianjin and made a 30% down payment. These cars cost a lot of money, about 750 yuan per car, plus locks and logistics costs, amounting to about 8 million yuan. Later because of failing to get investment, actually only got 1000 bikes, the deposit also boondoggle.

bicycles are mainly used in university cities and white-collar office buildings, but this is not a closed environment. Because we used a mechanical lock, and the back of the car was missing.

we also drove to find the car to deploy to a large flow of places, but no use, second days and scattered. This repeated several times, artificial handling lasted two weeks, and found that the efficiency is too low, simply give up, the next batch of bicycles are intended to replace the smart lock. The

plan won't keep up with the changes. Our core problem is supply chain and financing, and if these can not be solved, they are not qualified to consider operational issues. In the middle of April, I judged that the matter could not be done. First, the financing failed, and two, the partner model also collapsed. Then, the development of intelligent locks, as well as the launch of bicycles, there is no further. At that time, worried about causing unrest, the bicycle was still running until the partner's money was over.

6 months, after dealing with everything, we released a notice to stop operations.

Wukong cycling four months before and after the operation, the cumulative more than 10000 users, received a one million deposit. The maximum time is two thousand or three thousand per day. Early users also paid, received forty thousand or fifty thousand yuan, and later on the free ride. By the end of the project, we lost a total of about 3 million.

we put more than 1000 cars, and finally only dozens of cars. We did not go to find, the project stopped, and come back to what, as a public good. (laughter)


, for small companies, sharing bike industry is brutal, head concentration effect is too serious, capital concentration, resource concentration, such as supply chain resources, media resources. V-mobile and ofo

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