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some time ago dad fled to travel, I a person with an escape to the nearby State Park (State Park) of hiking. The state parks in the United States are smaller than those in national parks and Yellowstone National Park, as many people know. But they are much larger than the average park. This park, we have come before the family, also revealed that the camp is still relatively familiar, so this time we chose a different way to start. Who walked has lost, a mobile phone has no signal, suddenly feeling a. Fortunately, when I saw the park map at a fork in the road, I was still wondering how to react to it, and when I ran away, I had the confidence to say, "Oh, I probably know, just follow me.". "So he followed him to the East and turned for a few times. He was really back on the road. He was glad he was growing up and really admired his sense of direction.

escape said nothing ah, I have seen a series of related brain structure of the video on Youtube, it is said that the boys than girls in space, a sense of direction is stronger than some boys, to recognize the road by direction, the girls must rely on markers here. There are trees look the same, there is no marker, you certainly would not recognize it. In addition we each Field Trip (equivalent to the domestic school spring autumn), the teacher will give us a map of each group, most cases are our own map to see where to go next, see more is used.

Field Trip, a preschool teacher sent a photo of

it will give a fuck for reason ah ~ ~ ~ but it reminds me of the old, beauty in the child's map skills do very place, too start early. Map Skill map skills is a knowledge point of the children began to learn from the kindergarten, it is part of the Social Study of social studies, and do not say first can let the children learn to recognize the road, I feel this kind of long-term learning and training of children's sense of space, Si Weipei is very helpful.

map skills learning, specifically how to start? Before using the real map, children need a lot of knowledge, orientation, direction, icons, scale and so on, these concepts may sound great, but the old teachers are from the "small" Teaching:

" | map itself "painting"

can not write to draw the little baby, you can go "painting" and his map, what are you doing? Of course, from the place where you are most familiar, draw a classroom in a kindergarten, draw a living room and a bedroom at home.

mom and dad can help a child to say first room big frame picture, and then the main pieces of furniture made in accordance with the proportion of small pieces of paper, let the children in accordance with the layout of the room, use these paper to "draw".

, don't underestimate the practice. The child can learn a lot from it. First his change of perspective, the original only in front of a TV, or a sofa, a shelf, now mind is overlooking perspective overview; in the "painting" in the process, parents can also use words aside for guidance, such as "table on the sofa on the left." the shelf on the right side of the TV, ""... So, the children slowly can put these abstract words and the actual match; in addition, each small piece of paper representing objects of different sizes, its size is also different, such as sofa chair than large, said the paper also said the sofa chair than paper, through the comparison of observation, but also let the children have a preliminary understanding of the "proportion".

" to the children can paint age, you can use the brush to replace small pieces of paper, paper paste method and similar, but when children play a higher degree of freedom, can be painted according to their preferences and observation. At the same time, the concept of "icon" can be introduced, such as using a small yellow circle to represent a lamp, a small black oblique line indicating a door, and so on. Knowing these, it is much easier to map the mountains, rivers, highways, railways and maps when they are introduced.

in addition, mom and dad can also play this kind of treasure game with children, hide the children's favorite snacks / toys somewhere, and then draw a treasure map for him, so that children can find the treasure according to the treasure map. In the process of searching, the child will gradually be able to match the object to its representation on the map.

two | such

once and share, teach children to remember the old beauty direction with our order "under the north south, East left the West right" as a "Never Eat Sour Watermelon" jingle (not to eat sour watermelon), the first letter of each word represents a direction corresponding to the North East South north, East, South, West West. It's not as good as our brevity, but this one

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