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tengxunkeji· 2017-06-20 08:58:19

as long as 29.99 dollars, you can buy a shiny apple Logo, and then follow the tutorial to complete the conversion.

(Nice) Macbook Tencent digital news on the back of shiny apple Logo but many fruit powder the faith totem, so when the Macbook replacement, not light Logo also received a lot of tucao. But if you are really powder and sufficient trust in your own ability, may wish to try to make iPhone 7 Logo light, of course, to do so is risky, at least will certainly lose official warranty.

the first step, you need to buy $29.99 in The Unlockr (about 204 yuan) of the light kit, to tell the truth for this belief is really recharge powder is not expensive. Next is to take the iPhone apart. The first is unloaded at the bottom charging port on both sides of the screw, and then use the auxiliary plastic sucker will crowbar screen and shell gently separation, pay attention not to hurt the cable screen. Since the Logo is under the battery, the next thing to do is to remove the battery. Loosen the battery holder with a screwdriver, then remove the Taptic Engine, then disconnect the battery cable, tear off the adhesive tape and remove the battery.

to remove the battery, steps is much simpler, the apple Logo up replacement for emitting Logo cool and fixed with adhesive tape, then the power supply is connected with the battery, the battery, Taptic and Engine display restoration, renovation completed! Isn't it difficult? If you think the text describes the abstract words, there are teaching video, loving hands of Apple fans may wish to follow the step by step to do. (dynamic map)

source: Digital Trends

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