LOL new hero Thalia video CG skills gorgeous high maneuverability

Lol Thalia gorgeous operation

tuwanwang· 2016-05-05 04:55:26

LOL new hero Talia video exposure, is a set of control and assistant in a AP hero skills gorgeous high maneuverability. < p > recently lol new hero Thalia video released, showing the new hero Thalia (temporarily, the background story, the hero is a female hero, is currently the game lol 131 a hero. The relationship between compression and deep, let's take a look at LOL new hero video Thalia CG.


according to the video we can see Thalia W, e skills can be linked with and w skills skills mechanism is similar to that of the rock hammer e skills. < p > Thalia e skills if enemy heroes just from above through that damage is not so obvious, but if it is hit flew to a range of skills in, or is enemy active dash to the range of skills will be additional damage.

ultimate skills are even more abnormal, not only can be divided terrain, but also remote support. Imagine after the sign of the Dragon at the perfect segmentation of the battlefield will be on the war caused much impact? < finally again new hero Q skills, short CD standard, low blue (or say return mana), plus 6.9 version began to AP hero and equipment extensive changes to the, this ability will become the key skills of the line.

four skills plus point, if a single road or a wild line is no doubt, then the main Q is no doubt, but if it is biased in favor of the auxiliary line so the main W E is the best choice. < / P > < p > in summary / >, new heroes Thalia both control and damage, with their passive skills can enter a battle, and interrupt local formation. In actual combat may be for the hero to create a corresponding system, may be in the game.

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