(Chinese characters) "Mario + mad rabbit Kingdom war" production team and Miyamoto Shige interview

Game Mario Nintendo

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-06-20 11:24:03

published in the "Mario + Crazy Rabbit Kingdom battle", many game player wants to know how Nintendo and Ubisoft together, the two company's mascot in a game of. Ubiblog host Christ Watters visited Milan, Ubisoft Ubisoft Paris studio game production team, and interviews with "Mario" the father of Mr. Miyamoto Shige. The interview mentioned the game idea and creative process of the battle of Mario + Crazy Rabbit kingdom.

just seven minutes of video, we can really see, this group of people is really love the game, love Nintendo, I hope this game can bring us a whole new gaming experience.

"Mario + Crazy Rabbit Kingdom war" will be officially on sale in August 29th, landing Switch platform, and will launch the official version of Chinese.

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