"Monster hunter world" crusade task demonstrates weapons, new action really handsome!

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youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-06-21 05:03:03

original video,

, this "monster hunter world" crusade task, and finally a real machine demonstration! As previously revealed, the maps are seamless, weapons can be switched over at camp, and camps can be switched quickly, and switching is only a black screen.

besides, many weapons action will change, such as heavy crossbow can burst like a machine gun, blade cut into a big swing too handsome before spike, spike hit will then jump longitudinal cut. The big sword, hammer, there are many times in the air rotating attacks handsome moves.

other important elements in this Trailer: the sister of the

release will come to the map with the player, which is the one seen in the camp. She also tells players basic messages from time to time.

, as long as you join PS+, you can play online content, , without any other. The

map is large enough to view where you are.

" (update...)

Monster Hunter world will be available early in 2018. More details have been revealed before you can click here to view.

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