32 nuclear returns! AMD EPYC server processor release

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cnBeta· 2017-06-21 06:01:32

if the Ryzen on the desktop the perfect return, laid the foundation for the remodeling of corporate and product image, then released today EPYC (clouds dragon) server platform is AMD to reverse the overall competition battle of King mountain. Years ago, AMD left the lucrative, vast x86 server market for a variety of reasons and is finally back! The EPYC server and desktop processor, mobile Ryzen, is a new Zen architecture based on the server, but according to the data center of the specific design and optimization of a large number of these areas, after all requirements for the software and hardware are too high.

AMD also generous published a lot of details about the EPYC platform, which embodies many engineers work, worth savor, of course many technical details are strong, we will not be too deep, with a glimpse of everyone.

[] server version of the Zen architecture

Zen architecture at the beginning of the design, fully consider the adaptability of different areas of the market, desktop, mobile and server (Data Center) have to rely on this set with the Intel architecture, and in recent years the concept is similar.

Zen micro architecture design, EPYC and Ryzen are the same, including the core and cache configuration, AMD data center from the point of application of the review, can also refer to our previous analysis.

" of course, the Zen architecture also targeted design for many servers and data centers. For example, large data load, virtualization enhancement, enhanced security encryption.

" in addition to the standard instruction set, EPYC also adds a lot of new instruction set, better application of heart data, including both Intel and general, also has two unique AMD: CLZERO (PTE Coalescing, clear the cache line) (4K page table with 32K).

virtualization also added a lot of new instruction set, including Data Poisoning, AVIC senior memory error handling virtual interrupt controller, Nested Virtualization nested virtualization, SME security encryption, SEV encryption memory virtualization.

" virtual delay can be reduced by 50% than the bulldozer architecture.

52%IPC" (each clock cycle instruction set architecture to improve the performance of EPYC), the same is applicable.

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