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recently, is everyone's topic is about " the list, in App Store " color; nearly 30 apps / games in succession have clear list. Seemingly " the incident suddenly " in fact, is " there are traces of "! For the last two clear list action, one by one out of the question, summarized as follows:

1, apple cycle adjustment

is known to all, apple in the app store ranking management has always been very strict, constantly in doing all you & quot; see through, touch & quot; algorithm adjusted. After each adjustment algorithm, we can only with the benefit of hindsight, and sometimes that white become & quot; Test & quot; this feeling probably with everyone do a full preparation, washing Xiangxiang undressed and put the sexy posture lying in bed until the dawn has not been Pro lucky as bad! But for this situation, if you know the rules of the apple, the adjustment of the time is actually predictable! Major adjustments tend to be concentrated in the following two time periods:

apple before and after the conference (about a month)

during major festivals, such as Spring Festival, Christmas and other

round clear list is in the apple press conference this time, coupled with the recent brush list behavior rampant, so apple on the list started the adjustment of large area, which is the main reason leading to the recent massive app clear right.

2, frequent version update

" shot early bird & quot; to make a pair of & quot; shajijinghou & quot; apple, high ranking single app must be focused on. So we focused on was the list of products were analyzed, APP version of frequent updates and recently updated the phenomenon vividly before us, frequently updated version of the historical operation data obviously exposure in front of audit staff. This is like a boxer each learn a new & quot; moves & quot; could not wait to put on clothes, gloves, not to this set of boxing show to everyone, everyone knows are especially prone to be Ko, recommend a more subtle point, appropriate control of the update frequency.

3, ranking fluctuations obvious

if the a person's score on the test is the boom, then the first reaction of teachers must be & quot; cheating & quot;. If your grades are rising, teachers must think you are a " a good student "! Comprehensive on the recent list of product data analysis, found that the product is a common product of the amount of uneven volume, ranking volatility. Ranking fluctuations of the products, especially before ten ranking spurt dump, easy to cause the attention of monitoring apple, leading to the Qing Bang risk. "" "" Niang million (;; "" ""


we find a few put the amount of relatively stable products, ranking basically maintained at 20 or so, no sudden increase suddenly, this several in the last two times clear list are not affected, the side also confirms the above point of view.

4, it also reviews, comments

comment is the apple red, Apple operating brush praise that was punished in recent examples too numerous to mention, clear list of products, there are many products abnormal phenomenon is too much criticism, praise, comment (a string of abnormal Digital, garbled etc.).

  & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

for more than 4 points, in order to deal with Apple's recent large-scale adjustment, we give two advertising suggestion:

1, package strategy. Style= font-size: "15px

making sub notes as follows:

1. developer account and the main package

2. upload package, which is not consistent with the main

3. to upload security through Apple's approval, to ensure two code subcontract with the main bag is not the same as

4.Icon suggests fine-tuning (game can add HD, together with the use of the word Pro). /span>

5. application screenshots, videos, keyword, subtitle suggest fine-tuning

, flat peatlands. Style= font-size: "15px can simulate the natural volume of the new curve, the time period of heavy volume, so that Apple believes that the amount of natural added.

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