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Wang Xiaofei Taiwan China

gaifanyule· 2017-06-21 13:57:05

" s now very happy, not only successfully gave birth to a son, but also won the lady love, now business resumed, everything is good to the development of life, the original big s married Wang Xiaofei when the pressure is really very large. As to the mainland to marry daughter-in-law, big Frank also was not used.

, everyone knows what the Taiwan accent is like, when their daughter is still young. Their daughter Yue children, will use the Taiwan cavity called father Wang Xiaofei, Wang Xiaofei after hearing is always very happy, must let her in Beijing and call my father, so it was pleasing to the ear.

in life, many small details, there are a lot of big place to learn, before the s and s together on a chat show, he said that he was very frank not accustomed to life after marriage, also said he was a Indoorswoman, when nothing will stay at home to go nowhere.

and Wang Xiaofei after marriage, more and more to participate in the dinner, is the truth when not used, said on the mainland, some words you say are very bureaucratic, introduce a person, also have to say her ability how strong, just like the invisible rich, give a person with a lot of title.

also often called to eat and whenever and wherever possible, she also said that his memory is not good, often forget what they called themselves down, so in a small book, according to the characteristics of each person.

" and Taiwan is not the same, each about before dinner, will advance to tell each other, what people want to eat, at what time, and not so free.

but she also said to myself now, has been able to accept this kind of life, in the face of all kinds of people, also won't feel very nervous, although some content sometimes said to them and feel very want to roll their eyes, but has reached a certain degree, the eyes to hold back, it seems big wide she is not so good when.

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