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youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-06-21 14:06:28

, for the first time, I saw "Will: a wonderful world" at the corner of a show.

, perhaps because it is a beautiful man show, everyone is busy to Cos and super hero photo:

" on the perimeter of the store shopping spree:

went to the stage before the squat, waiting for the arrival of the idol in the eyes.

so that they all missed the live demo of the wonderful game. Although the demo version can only play for a few minutes only.

had to play, what I saw only a dog and a little girl, they had a "helpless" chat, then leave me only read a letter of time. As I was thinking, "it's gone", the staff are behind me reminding me that time is up.

" just a few minutes, although I can not experience the full content of the game, the feeling is very rich:

Will: "beautiful world" the story will bring some sense of humor, style is very attractive, with good music, dialogue when did not seem to speech. Based on

has good quality of "material" on the system of the game is also very interesting, a different sequence of individual action, the result is the opposite, not only very strange, after really a little bit as "God" in the sense of achievement.

I made up my mind at that time that the game must be played. Now, the official version of it didn't disappoint me.

really convey their feelings over

Will: "beautiful world" reminds me of some words very early, they have no voice actors, can convey emotion to the game player in addition to text, CG and BGM.

" classic "horror nightmare"

though, that's still the birth of a number of excellent works, perhaps they can hardly be now the game player receiving, but their quality can be with the current text adventure works alongside, and beyond.

in the case of little voice, "Will: good world" used all the existing material, and the final results are very impressive: the role of the emotions are not weak, but very strong.

a letter, in a word,

, this game has very little voice, but it's all on the blade.

when we hear the voice, we basically receive a letter. At first, when I heard the pronunciation, it didn't fluctuate much, because it was all in chinese. The surprising thing about the game of

is that its pronunciation is "multilingual," and the language of the story is from which country / region. The same sentence, although can express similar feelings, but after the translation of the sentence read out, I feel different. For example, South Korean police

Zhang Jingmin that "the Buddha, please save me, read out when they showed more" helplessness "and" urgent "feeling, if you use Chinese to read, will be more than a bit sad, not sad feeling here may be more consistent with his character.

" save me, save me

even if the same is Chinese, Leo that sentence with an accent "didn't have Chu apparently created a character more vivid role.

", is there a mistake?!

, is there a mistake?

music, pictures, also have feelings of

if the letter when the sentence is a good start, so the letter or humorous, or P characters, the different styles of music is a continuation of this trend, the characters' feelings along the screen to convey.

" through the screen to convey over

due to the game system, some key words and not "special force", but as mentioned above, the style will become funny funny story should be up (especially the "Leo") the plot, encounter battle, it is full of tension and excitement.

light is not enough, the BGM is not only pleasant to listen to, but also the right way to use it.

basically each character will have to comply with their own personality "exclusive BGM", such as "Alicia" BGM "A Mexican Girl" there is an exotic, as if she is at the other end of the dance of the screen; and "Leo" BGM is always very frivolous, with his sad story laughing.

" Alicia

every time when players help game player to avoid danger, then select the correct answer, BGM will from the original tension, sadness and other negative style

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