The baby is not used to the milk powder, mostly the wrong milk

Baby children great efforts to supplement food

taipingyangqinziwang· 2017-06-21 17:29:12

for new mothers is lack of breast milk, choose milk is a very important matter, but many mothers found themselves through N round tangle, goods than three, having chosen milk, but eventually found that the baby can not adapt to this formula, which is part of the problem? "

Chinese don't photograph visual problems are attributed to the powder body, not adapt to the baby milk powder, is likely to be you when milk is made 5.

1, often for some mothers choose milk milk

in this matter is always wavering, hear people say "it is easy to absorb, so he could not help but buy baby milk to try; and that often change, nutrition can be more comprehensive, so he thought to change baby another. Not knowing your baby's stomach is not perfect, milk from, will eventually let the baby's stomach hurts.

if a recipe powder is good enough for a child, it's enough. Because 4-6 months later, the child will add complementary food, do not follow the advertising ideas, believe that "this has this, this has this, I have to eat it."". In fact, no, because their businesses will take their own characteristics of advertising. However, the basis is in accordance with the provisions of the international Codex Alimentarius Commission, not every businessman decided everything, we have to seize the whole, the food to eat well, and in fact will not be any problem.

2, washed with milk powder

, in addition, some mothers in order to let the milk fully dissolved, will choose to use boiling hot water for the baby to milk powder. In fact, the high temperature of hot water will instead destroy the nutrients in milk powder. Different brands of milk formula is different, but in general, are 40-50 degrees Celsius with a good warm water. This temperature can cause the milk powder to dissolve completely, and bring out the even liquid milk. It also ensures that the nutrients in the milk powder are not destroyed.

3, shake the milk powder,

the same formula powder, and some children after drinking easily burp, empty fart, and some babies have nothing to drink, this may be caused by an action when washing milk. Vigorously shaking milk, will lead to a lot of bubbles in the bottle, the air inhaled a lot of baby milk, there may be stomach discomfort.

mom, remember to milk, do not need to shake vigorously, according to a certain proportion of water, and then put powder, and then with a ring type gently shaking, you can make the powder fully dissolved.

4 and

have rushed ahead of time good milk baby milk is relatively slow, and the mother will choose in advance at the milk, let the baby drink slowly, drink doesn't keep the next meal to drink. In fact, this may lead to diarrhea in the baby.

generally speaking, the washed milk is recommended to be consumed within 1 hours, even in winter, not more than 2 hours. Formula milk rich in nutrients, containing high protein, it is easy to breed bacteria, milk deterioration; in addition, placed too long, milk will have a certain degree of deposition, flocculation, affecting the absorption of nutrients. So, after the formula is washed, or in time for the baby to drink better.

if the rest of the milk is to be left for the next meal, be sure to leave it in the freezer. Also, don't mix the last milk with the new milk.

5, specially to the baby a little thick

, milk powder a little stronger, baby longer. "Many mothers, based on this mentality, to the baby when the milk, always like a little more. If you do so, you are doing something good.

earlier news reports:

novice parents to baby powdered milk, always deliberately red thick point, who knows a few days, the children appeared vomiting, bloating, indigestion and other symptoms, to the hospital examination found that the baby is suffering from intestinal necrosis!

milk is too thick will not only let the baby there are problems such as constipation, lit, will increase the burden on the kidneys when the baby is serious, causing serious consequences. Whenever you give milk to the baby should be natural flat spoon, according to the proportion of the tune is to meet the baby's nutritional needs, do not worry about malnutrition.


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