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mothers during pregnancy usually have many pregnancy reaction, of course, most of the time were not the same with ordinary symptoms are normal, are usually caused by various physiological changes during pregnancy / progesterone response psychological.

usually encountered in mothers "abnormal" symptoms, are more worried or anxious, but some prospective mother may itself character is relatively large, easy, so even if there have been truly exceptional, but also in disorderly fashion, thought it was a normal pregnancy reaction, not take it seriously, which is very dangerous.

Chinese visual source for example, the following 5 kinds of pregnancy if there is abnormal situation, must pay attention, otherwise the consequences really can be serious!

1 abnormal abdominal pain may be dangerous:

ectopic pregnancy and threatened abortion under normal circumstances, pregnant you may have mild abdominal pain, is a normal phenomenon. But if there is no abdominal pain or sudden pain, and is a burst of, pregnant mother must be paid more attention, especially accompanied by other symptoms, such as fever, vaginal bleeding, nausea, vomiting, often abnormal.

, for example, early pregnancy, if the mother has a lower abdominal pain, accompanied by vaginal bleeding or falling feeling, it is likely to be ectopic pregnancy or threatened abortion signs, medical examination immediately. Abnormal

2 fetal intrauterine hypoxia: possible risk of

in general, mothers at 16~20 weeks of pregnancy can feel fetal movement, fetal movement will be evident after 28 weeks. After 38 weeks, with the increase of the birth of the baby, it will gradually reduce.

in the fetal period, if the movement is less than 12 hours 30 times, is abnormal; less than 20 times, it indicates that the fetus is dangerous, there is hypoxia in the uterus. So it is recommended that mothers usually form the good habit of number of fetal movement can earlier find abnormal.

in addition, if the mother felt quickening suddenly increased, and continued for several hours, or non-stop agitation, a sudden increase and a sudden decrease or fetal movement disappeared may be acute hypoxia in the birth of the baby, the need for timely treatment.

tip: there are a lot of

caused by abnormal fetal movement, such as umbilical cord around the neck is tight, placental dysfunction, or pregnant women not normal medication and external adverse stimulation, resulting in fetal intrauterine hypoxia. When her life is threatened, the fetus abnormal fetal movement.

3 vaginal bleeding risk: placental abruption, threatened abortion

- threatened abortion: early pregnancy, vaginal bleeding or a slight brown effluent, with or without discharge of blood clots and pregnancy outcome, paroxysmal abdominal pain or low back pain, is often a sign of abortion.

excuse me ectopic pregnancy: ectopic pregnancy causes bleeding, usually occurs about 2 months pregnant, and accompanied by varying degrees of nausea, abdominal pain. Once the rupture of tubal pregnancy, abdominal bleeding and severe abdominal pain will occur, which may cause shock.

- mole mole: if not detected early, usually in mid pregnancy to begin, vaginal bleeding, anemia, uterine swelling and other symptoms; hydatidiform mole patients are mostly intermittent bleeding, but there may be repeated bleeding, sometimes in the blood will find vesicular material.

placental abruption: the difference from threatened abortion is that if the mother has a massive vaginal bleeding during the third trimester, it may well be placenta previa or placental abruption.

4 severe skin itching may be dangerous: intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy pruritus

during pregnancy, because estrogen may increase the pregnant mother of itching of the skin, under normal circumstances is normal, there is no impact on what your baby.

but there's one thing that needs to be aware of: cholestasis of pregnancy. The disease occurs mainly in the middle and late stages of pregnancy. It is caused by liver and gall bladder dysfunction. It is manifested as itchy skin. It begins with itching of the palms and soles of the feet and spreads to the whole body. This disease can cause pregnant women liver function damage, fetal distress and so on, so although the incidence is not high, but the harm is great, so be careful treatment, timely treatment.

5 leucorrhea abnormal gynecological inflammation, ectopic pregnancy and abortion,

early pregnancy, leucorrhea increase is very common phenomenon. If the leucorrhea is only a quantity, but no foul odor, no itching, no special color (such as red, brown or yellow green), is a normal pregnancy symptoms, in this case, expectant mother do not have to worry.

, but early pregnancy, if the leucorrhea color is thicker, smell bad or genital itching, expectant mother will have to go to medical treatment.

, for pregnant women, the most dangerous thing in early pregnancy is ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage. But this time the need to pay attention to is brownish -

- ectopic pregnancy: ectopic pregnancy, usually in menopause occurred 40 days of vaginal bleeding and brownish symptoms, accompanied by abdominal pain, pain, pain etc..

threatened abortion: leucorrhea can also present a brown situation, accompanied by abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding. If there is no abnormal embryonic development, after miscarriage treatment, will stop bleeding, can continue pregnancy.

in addition, early pregnancy leucorrhea Brown may also be pregnant women suffering from vaginitis, cervical erosion, endometrial lesions and other related, no matter what kind of reasons, are advised to early treatment.


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