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How valuable is


initially, 1 bitcoins can only be exchanged for about 0.005 yuan. In the past 1 years, bitcoin has risen by 267%; in the past 2 years it has risen by 740%; in the past 4 years it has risen by 113.3 times. In June 12th this year, bitcoin for the first time exceeded 3000 U.S. dollars (about 20523 yuan) mark, reaching $3012.05 (about 20606 yuan), creating a record high.

bitcoin exactly what is it? It is a combination of many things. According to British expert Skinner, bitcoin is a currency, an agreement, a technology, an ecosystem, a trading system, and a contract system. The total amount of bitcoin is limited to 21 million, while the new bitcoin is produced by network nodes. Every time a mathematical problem is solved by a miner, a new node is formed.

because it is too difficult, a group focused on the mining of mine came into being. More and more people are engaged in this work. The reason why they are keen on this is that every bit of bitcoin generates 25 bitcoins (see Note 1 at the end of the text).

the protagonist of this article, Mr. B, was first introduced to bitcoin in 2013. At that time, or civil servants, he almost all savings are used to buy funds fried coins, and even sold their own house. Later, he invested most of his bitcoins in a single stock. The boss behind the stock ran away.

he didn't like those "once bitten twice shy of ten years" friends, choose to leave, but the real meaning of "mining" in 2014, being a miner". In the size of the mine, and sufficient funds, he chose in 2015 to open a "mine", to provide hosting services for other miners. He currently sits on several mines and owns thousands of bitcoins, and is estimated to be worth nearly $100 million. More people in the industry called it China's largest bitcoin miner".

what kind of ups and downs did he experience? What kind of mentality did you have? How does he view the current bitcoin? The day before, entrepreneurs &i horse chatted with Mr. B. The following is an oral excerpt from Mr. B's editor of the founder &i's dark horse.

that was the Spring Festival in 2013. I touched bitcoin for the first time.

at that time, a good friend played with bitcoin, so he gave me Amway. Early contact with bitcoin people, mostly IT men, they usually play with a play mentality, I did not expect what will happen in the future.

(bitcoin principle diagram from known words)

as civil servants I, then the feeling is, this industry not only there is speculation, and indeed has value. Soon after, Li Xiaolai created a bit just to catch up with the Fund (entrepreneur &i horse note: the former New Oriental teacher, founded in 2013, focused on the Internet and bit fund, bitcoin related investment) roadshow, throughout the speech, raise funds and engage in the game, I was involved in the. I

a green hand from home took a sum of money, but also sell a house a 60000, then the money to buy the fund currency speculation. Bit fund was 100 thousand yuan a share, equivalent to more than 130 bitcoins. At the beginning of

2013, bitcoin currency price is about 100 yuan. I am in the admission after the Spring Festival, when the currency price rose to 700 yuan. The price is not expensive. By July and August, the price of the coins dropped all the way to 400 yuan.

coins all the way down, but I was excited all the way. When the funds are not enough, two credit cards for personal use have been put into use. As long as there is a limit, it will be overdrawn. Salary is also used to buy coins. In short, whether it's up or down, I buy it all the way. After buying the fund, I have accumulated hundreds of bitcoins.

later, I basically put the coins into the roasted cat (see article 2 at the end of the note). I was really optimistic about the mining industry, about to buy a few hundred shares, spent a total of 1800 coins. This is a big sum of money. To tell you the truth, I didn't have such a big investment in Li Xiaolai's bit fund.

2013 in the second half of the year, everyone's time and again, the roast cat announced earnings. For fear of one generation machine is not perfect and not market, coupled with the continuous dividend to push up the share price, roast cat book basically no money, owed hundreds of thousands of staff wages. The roast cat is a group of technical otaku who have no experience in management. After

earnings came out, its share price fell by 70% at one stroke. I was dumbfounded. Many early friends involved in investment have foresight, but I did not dare to throw, not willing, has been dragged to the beginning of 2014, the boss ran away. That one, I might lose a thousand coins, only hundreds of thousands of yuan.

from beginning to end, I think my judgment is correct. I just choose the wrong person and the investment target is wrong. I'm looking for bitcoin industry.

at the end of 2013, the currency price fell from 8000 yuan to 900 yuan. I didn't expect to fall to around 700 yuan started buying price, really a bit fameng, numb hands and feet. Although only a moment, but that moment, my mining machine has no profit, dug out the money has not enough to pay electricity, must stop. In that instant, I was broke. At that time, I really can not understand, how such a good market, will fall so miserable?

, this market is always beyond your imagination, so you must always be awed by the market. However

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