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[observer network text / Zhao Kexin] starred in "Pirates of the Caribbean" famous American actor Johnny Depp, exposed the shocking: it is time for the assassination of the president Trump speech. According to

BBC6 reported on 23 May, the British are held at the 2017 Glastonbury Festival, Depp's remarks caused a sensation.

"can you bring Trump here?" Depp suddenly asked the audience. "I think he needs help. "

", and then he asked, "when was the last time the actor assassinated the president of the United States?"

" as everyone knows, April 14, 1865, occupation actor John Weeks Buss (John Wilkes Booth) the assassination of the sixteenth president of the United States Lincoln.

at this point, the 1500 spectators were boiling.

rubbed his chin thoughtfully,

, and then said, "I want to make it clear that I'm not an actor."...... It's been a long time since the last actor killed the president, and now it's about time. "

"according to the British" Guardian "reported that Depp is an actor, has been in the music festival rock star welcome.

this year's Glastonbury Music Festival with panoramic movie screenings, Depp introduced his personal favorite three films were "Withnail and I", "dead man", "libertine", after he starred in two are.

before he turned to Trump, he was also promoting "the prodigal son".

Depp's agent has yet to respond to the matter.

, the American entertainment network TMZ, worries that Depp might be targeted by the US secret service responsible for the president's safety.

and many Hollywood movie stars, uncle Depp has always disliked Trump. During the election campaign in

2016, he expressed his fear of Trump's election. "If Trump was elected, it would be a shock in terms of history," said

, speaking in an interview with channel fifth. Because he will be the last president of the United states. After that everything is over. "

shot from channel fifth in the UK in addition to

station in Hollywood" defense alliance "side, Depp is keen to imitate Trump.

, the comedy Donald Trump's art of trading: big movies, starred him.

make-up, 23 hours to play Trump, I did not expect you to be like this, uncle Depp......

"Alan show", he also come in handy on facial expressions, gestures speak Trump.

", he even stared at the veteran variety show "Saturday night live" resident imitation show role.

in May, he suggested that if Trump's copycat Alec Baldwin (Alec Baldwin) pulled out of Saturday night live, he would be happy to succeed.

Trump: Alec (left)

since Trump took office, the new president seems to ridicule the American political correctness, "assassination plot emerge in an endless stream.

comedians have endless themes and jokes, and Saturday night live has a fixed parody role, but it also suffers from a clash between drama and reality.

" comedy central Trump parody actor "good hope finally prison"

a few weeks ago, the American comedian CNN Griffin, holding suspected Trump was beheaded model, took a "Thriller" video.

although soon apologized, Griffin still received a dismissal.

stage drama has not escaped.

in June this year, the modern version of the "Kaiser" the great tragedy of Shakespeare (Julius Caesar) was alluding to the assassination of Trump,

" in Kaiser play, like Trump

"Kaiser is open video screenshot

to provoke the assassination of the president? The sponsors, Delta Air Lines and Bank of America, were looking at the wrong situation and rushed to divest themselves.

Snoopy, the American rapper, shot Trump in MV".

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