Millet resorted big move only for the Rice noodles sold card

Millet micro-blog MIUI

leikeji· 2017-06-23 22:40:24

not long ago, millet released daily and monthly card card two card Rice noodles. Monthly edition of rice flour card and Unicom jointly launched, a big privilege is MIUI applications, traffic next month equal return. But the

version is more suitable for the Rice noodles monthly card millet mobile phone users, and not very attractive for ordinary users, compared with a daily version of Rice noodles card sales more unpopular. this morning, micro-blog MIUI official said that as long as the forward users can get 59 yuan a month rent Rice noodles card free , and said that each forwarding users can get the benefits, forwarding is not capped.

59 yuan", "monthly edition", "rice noodle" card package, including 4GB national traffic and 200 minute call . If there is a large number of users involved in forwarding, millet this time may really be bleeding. However, although the rice noodle card sold in the millet mall, but its essence is Unicom's number card, the use of Unicom section number, millet is more sales agent role. This is obviously a forwarding activities orchestrated by marketing, although forwarding users can get free experience for a month, but from next month will start charging, if you do not want to continue to use the need to go to the operating room for cancellation procedures, and the remaining users will become the new user Rice noodles card.

, in general, this phone card is more suitable for traffic and call demand larger millet mobile phone users. Interested in small partners may wish to go to micro-blog MIUI attention.

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