Annihilate -20 to make 200 frames at one stroke? The US military admitted to making mistakes

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qianyanjunshi· 2017-06-24 09:32:20

with the official service of the -20 and -20, the strength of the Chinese air force is further improved. The European think-tank said that the -20 would be of strategic importance to the Chinese air force and that -20 would be likely to produce in large quantities to meet the needs of the Chinese air force. At the same time, -20 can also be used as a new platform for future China's air tanker and air warning aircraft. The service of -20 could solve the embarrassing situation that the air force can not achieve air refueling, resulting in a long-range strike.

" at the same time, as a measure of a country's air force powerful or benchmark four generation jetfighters -20 service, that Chinese in military aviation industry has entered the world first-class in the world, except f -20, F-22 and F-35 were only military service. At the same time, Chinese another four generation jetfighters -31 in the test, although the f -31 was not optimistic about the outside world, but we can not deny that annihilates -31 is likely to serve in the Russian T-50 funds suffered influence before serving. By then, the Chinese Air Force's "-20" and "-31" may also be similar to the U.S. military F-22 and F-35 high and low collocation.

f -20 as the main fighter Chinese future air force, the service number has also been one of the hot topics in foreign media. The -20 cost is only half of the U.S. F-22, once f -20 using domestic turbofan -15 to replace the Russian AL-31F engine, then the number of the first batch of manufacturing f -20 will reach 200 aircraft, which has surpassed the number of active duty U.S. military F-22 187. The United States Air Force has been unable to achieve, with four generations of machine to suppress, then the U.S. can do only from the technical aspects of repression.

" can be said that the service rate has exceeded us Chinese f -20 imagination, initially because of financial reasons Congress directly Feng Ting F-22 production line, and 749 F-22 U.S. Air Force had expected a cut and then cut, eventually only 187 aircraft. However, the plan to restart the F-22 production line has been agreed by the US congress. This also means that the U.S. military has admitted in the past opened F-22 production line is a kind of strategic mistakes.

" on the U.S. military was Chinese military remain skeptical, once the performance of Chinese arms backward down, in the design of F-22 of the U.S. military said the influence of physical properties and canard aerodynamic layout cannot coexist in the Chinese see annihilates -20 the duck wing aerodynamic layout, the China this assertion is the four generation fighter will never machine. However, the rapid service of the -20 destroyed the American military face. Today, the US military is going to restart the F-22 production line, but the F-22 production line, which was supposed to restart at $200 million, is rising as time goes on. Because the light is the F-22 production line has been demolished unsealed and restore some of the equipment will have nearly tens of billions of dollars, this is his own petard.

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