Man arrested 450 frogs sold by police detention

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xiandaikuaibaoquanmei· 2017-06-24 20:58:11

Modern Express News (correspondent reporter Gu Yuansen Shen Chen Xuan drum) "I really did not expect to catch frogs will break the law, if I knew I would certainly not do so. "Irrefutable evidence, Wang eyes full of tears, the hope for the frog to sell for money, waiting for his is the punishment of the law. Recently, the Nanjing Drum Tower police arrested Wang, and according to law in criminal detention.

police said, recently, police often received reports, said drum tower area, a vegetable market, someone selling frogs. Police according to clues, behind a food market in a dilapidated residential buildings, Wang arrested. According to police recalled Wang in the small room only a few square meters of a room, around the dark, walked into the room with a pungent odor blowing, the ear is "a cry, a quack" flashing dim light, the police saw the frog with several sacks. "Don't cha do not know, frighten a check, this is the first time I saw so many frogs, we counted for more than an hour, only the number of clear, only for 450, almost 50 pounds, when the car carrying two people carry, four of us carry 3 times to get all of the frogs. "Police told the modern express reporter.

according to Wang explained, he has no fixed work, recently hand is tight, online, inadvertently see catch frog earn money post, feel can try. Starting in May this year, he caught frogs in Nanjing, Pukou. "Because I had never been arrested, a start only one night only caught two or three, then slowly found that in general the frog pond or swamp, they are afraid of light, I am the evening with a dazzling headlights to grasp, then skilled, grasping the more, the morning of the second day again to sell food field and can I earn four thousand or five thousand dollars a month. "

, Wang has been arrested for illegal hunting by the drum tower police criminal detention.

police remind, "according to the provisions of Article 130 of criminal law", the crime of illegal hunting, hunting is a violation of regulations for hunting in the sanctuary, hunting or uses prohibited methods, destruction of wild animal resources, serious behavior. By the administrative department of wild animal prey, hunting tools and confiscate the illegal income, impose a fine; if the circumstances are serious, which constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility. In the sanctuary, hunting or uses prohibited hunting tools, methods of local key protection wild animal more than 5; no prey, but with one of the following acts shall also be filed: A, the use of military weapons, explosives, poison, air gun, gun, gun and so on row more than 10 times with no tools or the use of hunting sets and more than 500 traps more than 200; B, with night lighting, fire attack and smoking prohibited methods more than 10 times; due to illegal hunting administrative punishment was more than 2 times.

police suggest that public friends, such as sparrows, frogs, toads, hedgehogs and snakes that are common in daily life, belong to protected wild animals.

(edit Jiang Cuicui)

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