The shot is very rich, the Japanese large-scale overseas acquisitions for what?

JP Morgan chase US dollar economic growth

huanqiulaohucaijing· 2017-06-24 22:05:16

" by various political and economic uncertainties, many countries have slowed the pace of overseas acquisitions. But a report from JP Morgan released on Thursday showed that Japan in the global M & a shrinking situation still lavish, greater than a few years ago. Japan is expected to maintain this momentum for the next few years in order to increase its global market share. A report by

" JP Morgan released on Thursday showed that in 2016, Japan in the enterprise merger and acquisition cost of up to $198 billion (about 1 trillion and 350 billion yuan), than in 2015 rose 1.5%. Among them, the amount of overseas mergers and acquisitions of $101 billion (about 690 billion 700 million yuan), so far, Japan's overseas mergers and acquisitions spent second high year. In 2016, the volume of transactions outside Japan increased by 13%, to 51% of the total amount of Japanese transactions. Compared to

" and the Japanese high overhead, the global market is more calm. A survey by KPMG showed that in 2016, the total amount of global M & A transactions was $4 trillion (about 27 trillion and 360 billion yuan), compared with 4 trillion and 900 billion in 2015 (about 33 trillion and 510 billion yuan), and the United States dropped a lot. Market watchers generally believe that global mergers and acquisitions will remain steady in 2017, but hopes are unlikely to return to their high levels in 2015.

", in the global overseas mergers and acquisitions in the contraction of the situation, Japan will be affected more or less. But JP Morgan believes that as the domestic market in Japan continues to shrink, many companies have to focus their attention on the international market, which means that Japan's cross-border transactions will grow steadily. In the first quarter of 2017, the amount of overseas transactions by Japanese companies was $1 billion 800 million, or 53% of Japan's total. "

img_box JP Morgan wrote in a report, "Japan's view of overseas acquisitions has changed over the last few years.". In the past, Japan did not include overseas acquisitions as the core strategy of economic growth. Now, this method is regarded as the necessary means for enterprises to enhance their competitiveness, promote strategic objectives and achieve revenue growth.

" over the years, Japan has been the subject of population decline, the slowdown in economic growth problems, which makes the Japanese enterprises to exploit the international market will become more and more urgent. Through overseas mergers and acquisitions, enterprises can enter the new market, access to new products and production capacity, can be described as one in a thousand. The Japanese government has offered a lot of support to businesses, such as lower lending thresholds and lending policies such as low interest rates.

" of Japan's Softbank group in the field of overseas mergers and acquisitions is quite active, last year, the company in the financial, real estate and technology completed a number of acquisitions, including the well-known British chip designer ARM. And these three fields are the hearts of many Japanese enterprises".

, from a geopolitical point of view, Japanese companies prefer to buy European and American companies. These enterprises are relatively mature in technology and business, which can bring steady cash flow and more strong brand awareness for the company. But JP Morgan believes that Japan should be in Southeast Asia and other emerging markets more force, in-depth more growth areas to increase global market share. Relying solely on internal R & D and organic growth in the domestic market is not enough to achieve Japan's global growth goals.

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The shot is very rich, the Japanese large-scale overseas acquisitions for what?

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