Why is China not exposed to the reasons for the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries?

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2009, said Ma Ying-Jeou had told the British "economist" magazine interview, he believes that Taiwan has "allies", and put forward to establish diplomatic relations, but the request, but China declined beyond all expectations.

rating agency in Hongkong quoted "the economist" reported that attempts to portray itself as a "peacemaker" of Ma Ying-Jeou, after he took office last May, has sought to ease tensions with the mainland Chinese. After his goodwill was released, regular direct flights between the two sides opened, mainland tourists and investors went to Taiwan, and Taiwan became the observer for the United Nations World Health Assembly for the first time. Ma Ying-Jeou told the economist this week that he believes the Chinese mainland has made a surprising decision to turn down diplomatic requests for diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

, the economist, points out that the action on the Chinese mainland is a landmark change. Over the past few decades, China and Taiwan have been throwing money at the "diplomatic" war in an attempt to gain diplomatic recognition from other countries. At present, China, with 171 countries having diplomatic relations in contrast; Taiwan lost 6 allies in the past ten years, now the only remaining 23 "allies", but also for the impoverished country, Taiwan is obviously a big loser "diplomacy" campaign.

Ma Ying-Jeou announced last year that a "diplomatic truce", the end of the previous "money diplomacy". In his inaugural speech, Ma Ying-Jeou stressed that only Taiwan is not isolated in the international community, cross-strait relations can develop forward. In response, the Chinese mainland authorities did not make public response, and still oppose any country to recognize the Republic of china".

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, however, China's position was tested when dealing with Salvatore. Allegedly, Salvatore was elected president mauricio. Before Funes sworn in June 1st, had expressed intention to turn to establish diplomatic relations with the mainland Chinese. In addition, Taiwan media reported that Panama's president elect Ricardo. Martinelli has a similar tendency.

Salvatore and Panama invariably expressed wish to establish formal diplomatic relations with Chinese, wishes, but "China, apparently to Taiwan, declined their request, Ma Ying-Jeou said:" Chinese, goodwill, we really feel. "

Ma Ying-Jeou revealed that he participated in President Salvatore Funes's inauguration, everyone said, Funes after his inauguration will Chinese, established diplomatic relations, but Funes first sentence told him that Salvatore wanted to maintain and Taiwan" diplomatic relations ".

" in Taiwan in Europe only "allies" is the Vatican City, Ma Ying-Jeou said, China, how to deal with its relationship with the Vatican, will be a "real test". However, the economist pointed out that although the Chinese mainland has been eager to make progress on this issue, the negotiations between the two countries seem to have no sign of a breakthrough yet.

British Reuters reported that the original title: no diplomatic relations? No problem, because in a few China "to Taiwan's allies in Taiwan, the only remaining diplomatic allies with Chinese development increasingly close economic and trade relations, if the current cross-strait detente appeared twists and turns, the trend will make Taiwan more isolated in diplomacy.

's second largest economy is through a series of investment commitments in America gains soft power, there are several countries still maintain "diplomatic relations" with Taiwan. However, Beijing has not taken the opportunity to make new alliances, but instead it will be shelved on request to establish diplomatic relations with Central American countries in order to avoid causing unrest in Taiwan. That, in the future of cross-strait relations will hold a trump card when cooling Beijing can take Taipei's foreign based on the carpet, let the "allies" mass defections.

experts estimate that China has rejected requests from at least 5 countries to switch to Beijing diplomatically". WikiLeaks said that Panama was in 2009 Beijing but refused to seek recognition. "As far as the economy is concerned, Taiwan relations are meaningless," said Margaret Myers, director of the China Latin America program for the American dialogue. "

23 other sovereign states have no diplomatic relations is the main reason of their diplomatic relations" and Taiwan ", therefore does not have diplomatic relations with China, most of the economy is relatively backward, the international influence of smaller countries, but the Vatican is with international influence in the country, although its area is very small, but because it is the spiritual center of the world Catholics, 1 billion 100 million of Catholics in the world at present, so the international influence should not be underestimated, so China in recent years are also actively looking for relationship, has also invited the Pope (Pope) official visit Chinese, but the problem on the appointment of bishops have differences, once this issue is resolved, in the Vatican on diplomatic relations point the day and await for it.

1 sovereign entities: Europe: Knights of Malta. The Malta knights are entities with special status, although they do not have territory, but enjoy special powers, but is it not one?

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