Jay Chou Street encounter Kunling did not expect so proud

Kun Ling Jay Chou Z

wangyiyule· 2017-06-26 20:25:51

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" with Jay Chou encounter Kunling bus advertising

" with Jay Chou advertising bus in the post

entertainment NetEase reported in June 26th June 26th music administrative micro-blog micro-blog "Jielun: today in the car when the people have been found next to look at me, it was you, but why I catch you", the original Jay Chou drive found next to the people have been watching him, found that turned out to be the wife of Kunming Ling on the bus ads, it is interesting week Dong shared the film, Kun Ling advertising behind the next bus, the above is Jay Chou's ad, Jay Chou funny said: "but why did I chase you?"".

netizens have been saying "show love first competition", "no longer show affection before the single dog", "this thing should not be your two private chat?", triggered a discussion.

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