HTC wants to get back on the line? Only hardware is not enough

HTC Samsung Android line

tengxunkeji· 2017-06-27 06:48:34

Tencent (Nice) in Samsung digital news from the plastic body much Tucao before awakening, HTC One series can almost be said to be the Android camp in the most design sense of manufacturers, unibody innovative plus Boomsound stereo speakers let iPhone have lost face. But with Samsung and other manufacturers in the design of the upgrade, HTC gradually reduced to only will recharge faith niche brand rice rolls.

when many consumers began to think that HTC's mobile phone business was going to be cut off, HTC, who jumped out of the One design, came up with a brilliant U series. The HTC U series looked so different when the whole metal body was basically worn out. And in the soon released HTC U11, we also saw the Edge, Sense and other features, although availability remains to be seen, but at least can see that HTC is trying to innovate.

so is HTC returning to the king? Of course, it's not that simple. Now many Android manufacturers have realized that the intelligent mobile phone hardware level has been somewhat superfluous, only good use of the system software can produce true user stickiness, so it appeared in a variety of customized version of Android system. Look at the HTC from this aspect, had been Changfen who talked about the Sense UI in the past few years does not seem too much change, from One M9 to U11, can be said to be too conservative, the degree of progress obviously is far better than the Samsung TouchWiz to the strong. The original rich function, variety of Sense, UI, and now even the same as the original Android on Google Pixel. Although many users still do not like this simple and simple system, the brevity of Sense UI means more of the lack of "trend" functionality. In fact,

U11 before the release, in addition to many rice rolls something to look forward to in terms of hardware, also hope that Sense UI can rally, but this did not happen. Considering the current intense market competition, HTC want to grab consumers from Apple Samsung hands, the degree of difficulty is self-evident, just by virtue of the excellent design and workmanship, Edge Sense is almost impossible, it is from SONY.

besides, the price is also a factor that HTC needs to consider. Although U11 is positioned as the most high-end equipment for the company, but in the current situation compared with other flagship not enough competitive power, and then sold for the same price, it is difficult to estimate Samsung Galaxy S8 over these excellent products have no obvious short board, after all, consumer logic is the same price why I do not buy the overall performance of a better one? And even if the price down, HTC also face a plus, millet and other vendors siege, HTC want to return to the peak, really, the road is not good.

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