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"the pioneers" (Pathfinder) is a based on the dungeons and Dragons (DND) Rules of the game, since its launch has been popular, now it is adapted by role-playing game "Portland: kingmaker" (Pathfinder: Kingmaker) has successfully raised the public, all the chips from the end of 15 days, "the pioneers: kingmaker" reached the target of 500 thousand U.S. dollars already. "

" will be based on the same name "kingmaker module pioneers" board game production, according to the Kickstarter page description, the game will contain a lot of new events, partners, allies and on the basis of the original expansion and strengthen the threat". The game will be on the game player in golarion area adventure and create their own national story.

in the game, it's not as easy for a player to build a nation as it is for a fortress. The player's Kingdom reflects the choices you make in the game. It is dynamic and will change as a result of your alignment, your allies, and your ability to lead people. Your country will not only expand outwards, so that you can set up more towns, and your capital will direct and visible changes, these will change according to your decision, your policies and your alliance object. The setting sounds interesting.

, the pioneer, the king, will be produced by Russian game developer Owlcat Games. Meanwhile, Chris Avellone has signed a contract with Owlcat, the former co-founder of obsidian studios, to join in the production of the game. Considering that he is a senior RPG producer, participated in the "Requiem" exotic "ice wind" "radiation 2", and in recent years the "eternal" and "Predators" column and other works, for the game player of the game are looking forward to adding a reason.

, "pioneers: the king" is expected to be on sale in August 2018, the corresponding platform for PC.

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