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experience psychological skills

a reader in the background message said, boring life seems not to the end, hard work is always done, now own every day is not happy, but also willing to believe that this is the life of some of the state, just don't know how to get rid of the status quo?

" I think a lot of people have problems, work nine to five, but also hard to block the seemingly stable, while the customer change change change, a boss urged urge, and also to deal with the relationship between colleagues feel

haggard; while not working housewife speaking, life is boring. Every day with children, but also to take care of the elderly, there will always be endless chores, the whole lives are submerged, gradually lost a smile.

actually, the reason why we are so unhappy is simply because we have lost interest in life. Author Jiang Xu said: "the so-called life, is the charm of heart to treat everything in our life, and discover the beauty with us. "

we are always busy in life, to attend to the beauty around, more often because of the material demand and ignore the spiritual needs and spiritual satisfaction is a major source of happiness, so you will live more and more tired, more and more did not expect.

friends often say that I am a very interesting life, and know how to live, so today and share a few tips to keep the fun of life, I hope you can regain confidence, and find the joy of a long time no return.

insists on hobbies and hobbies.

everyone is filled with life's boredom and hard work, but it's also time to set aside some time for hobbies. Because they can resist life exposed to wind and rain, can help you relieve the pressure of life, let your mind be moist.

work in banks Xiaohan finally no longer and I complained of mechanical work, because she fell in love with the recent work every day, will be around the neighborhood ran a few laps, a weekend about 35 friends go out to ride, which also includes me.

says, "when you start a hobby, you don't think about the unhappiness at work.". Every day to face customer complaints, in the process of running can be released, and gradually feel no big deal. Exercise makes me feel happy and full of motivation. "

is, adhere to a hobby, is to have a new pursuit in the monotonous life, because you will love a thing and feel alive, pursue on the road will be full of energy, this energy will continue to work, Why not??

some people love flowers, flowers bloom the most beautiful day look for attitude and efforts to better the way I feel happy; some people still have a painter heart, with the drawing board, on the weekend of the lake a painting, it is poetic and infinite; pick up the camera to the distance, pat pat scenery, flowers, pat the people around, is also a very sweet blessing.

I particularly agree with what Li Siyuan said: "everyone should have his own interests and hobbies, and he can resist the feathers of a common trivial life.". "

lives in the land, chicken feathers are never swept, we can only choose to face, hobbies are the best counter weapons.". To be rich in life, you must first be interested, for only those who are optimistic and have a pursuit will find the beauty of life constantly, so that you can really appreciate the beauty of life.

for life of small objects once I think, life is the fuel, are also the most concerned about the problem of food and clothing, not to spend money to buy some of the flashy without substance decoration.

later, I found out that I was wrong. Every day at home, your face is pale walls, books could be stacked in the corner, not to pick up, also don't know how to do, so that the most relaxing place gradually become dull and depressing.

I've been looking for ways to make my home look alive. I've got a lot of really useful answers to the question of finding out which inexpensive items can improve your quality of life.

frame ranks in the forefront of inexpensive and high style items charts, you can purchase directly on the Internet, the painting style is fresh and green, or landscape, as long as you love. Of course, you can also print your usual photos, and mount it is also a good choice. Several paintings hung on the wall, not too much, simple and not simple, can instantly add color to the room.

in order to make the book have a better place, I started a mini bookshelf, placed in the window position, the books one by one discharge neatly. Before the messy corner has been well organized, it is also a lot easier to find books. Every time the sun comes in from the window and the sun shines on the book, I feel happier.

and friends regularly stroll the flower market, see the flowers of love at first sight

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