Xue Yi in the micro-blog users stood she shouted!

Wang Lin micro-blog Xu Yajun Tao Xinran

tanzi· 2017-06-28 07:04:07

some people say that an actor for a lifetime if there are one or two people can keep in mind the role of what is glorious, like talking about Wang Lin, you automatically into the snow Yi shrewish image.

" while for the actor, which means the role of success, but the role of the audience too into the drama, and it is a kind of distress, Wang Lin can be said to suffer, because the long-term role was retarded forced audience abuse.

recently, Wang Lin and Xu Yajun a group of friends of the dinner meal, Xu Yajun micro-blog, Wang Lin in the comments is very pleased to have dinner with him, there are friends, not afraid of good heart, open up to scold Wang Lin, ugly words mean simply can not endure.

and Wang Lin also called back ablaze with anger, scold me too that logic around for a long time to understand the momentum around, you can be said to be quite in place.

" needless to say, even if the words for Wang Lin bluntly, everyone is a uniform stand her, think she scold, some people just don't like people say, less clean.

" this is not the first time Wang Lin called friends, the last time she basked in his son photos, netizens scold scold her, of course, Wang Lin is not fit to be seen... Back to scold is.

", but "this one of you, I curse" to curse, when will it be over? Wang Lin is fairly good, the gas is strong, have pity for your back, and some new friends network violence, not even how to fight back, for example, played anling Jiao Tao Xinran, even by netizens cursed children...

suddenly felt the actor is also a vulnerable groups!

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