Big drive! Our new million ton destroyer ship launching

Destroyer Navy Shanghai

jiefangjunbao· 2017-06-28 09:13:20

data figure: type 055 destroyer renderings

in Shanghai in June 28, the army newspaper reporter (reporter Chen Guoquan, Yin Hang) Navy NEW destroyer ship launching ceremony this morning in Shanghai Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) holding limited liability company. Zhang Youxia, member of the Central Military Commission and Minister of equipment development of the Central Military Commission, attended the launching ceremony and delivered a speech.

9 am, the ceremony began, with the whole scene of the concert chorus singing, the colorful five-star red flag rising. After the ribbon cutting ceremony, "bottle throwing ceremony" was carried out. A bottle of champagne was broken in the bow of the ship, and the colorful ribbons were ejected from the two sides. The new destroyer sounded siren and there was a loud applause from the audience. Later, the destroyer slowly moved into the tank before dragging and dragging it into the water.

this type of ship is our country completely independently developed new ton destroyers, has exceeded the overall design, information integration, assembly and construction of large ships and a series of key technologies, equipped with new air defense, anti missile, anti submarine weapons, with strong information awareness, anti air and sea combat capability the Navy, is to achieve a strategic transformation development of warships. The launching of the ship marks the development of our destroyer to a new level, which is of great significance for improving the Navy's equipment structure, building a powerful modern navy and realizing the dream of "a strong army". Next, the ship will carry out equipment commissioning and mooring tests as planned. The

Navy, national defense science and Technology Industry Bureau, Shanghai City, China shipbuilding industry group leader Shen Jinlong, Miao Hua, Tang Yong, Dong Qiang, Dengjie, and military leaders of relevant departments and scientific research units, cadres and workers, the participation of officers and representatives attended the ceremony etc..

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