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Hacker Google Microsoft account

ITzhijia· 2016-05-05 09:18:53

5 5 news, according to foreign reports, a security expert said, hundreds of millions of stolen e-mail accounts and other sites and the user name and password are being traded on the black market in russia. Hold security < security company founder and chief information security officer Alex & middot; Horton (Alex Holden), has been found to 272.3 billion stolen account. Most accounts from in Russia's most popular email users, small part from on Google, Yahoo and Microsoft e-mail users.

Hold, a researcher at the company, found a young Russian hacker on a web forum that he had collected a large number of stolen accounts and passwords, and was ready to release them.

Horton said, after deleting the copy of the account, the security intrusion incident involving nearly 57 million accounts. At the end of last year, has just announced that it has 64 million months of active users. That is to say, of the vast majority of users account has been hacked. The intrusion events of stolen data also includes global e-mail providers Google, Microsoft and Yahoo number thousands of account and password, email provider in Germany and China hundreds of thousands of email accounts.

"the stolen data is very large. The news has spread like wildfire on the black market. The Russian hacker said he would like to give these data to his good people. "Horton said," these accounts and passwords may have been repeatedly abused. "

price of the deal to paradox $1

is, the hacker of all these data asking price is only 50 rubles -- less than $1. Security Hold, the company's researchers agreed to help him in the hacker forum after a good word, the hacker eventually submitted to the company all data sets. Horton said that his company's policy is to refuse to pay for the purchase of stolen data.

such a large scale of stolen data may be used to further steal account information associated with the stolen account, thereby greatly enhancing the risk of people's financial theft or damage to the reputation.

hackers know that users like to repeat the use of their preferred password. Although security experts have repeatedly advised users to change the password or set more complex passwords, but they never listen to. Because of this, hackers can often use a password to log in to the user's other accounts. was informed that the massive email account was hacked,

spokesman said, we are verifying the user name and password of e-mail users to match their e-mail. Once we check it out, we will immediately notify the user. "She also added that the initial test results did not find any user name and password matching with the existing e-mail. Microsoft spokesman

said, e-mail accounts stolen news unfortunately has become a reality. Microsoft has deployed the appropriate security measures to detect the affected accounts. It needs more information to confirm the identity of the owner of the account, and help them regain the exclusive right of login. "

YAHOO and Aka Naomi comment. < p > Yahoo was invaded the mail e-mail account for 40 million, the total 272.3 billion stolen accounts 15%; at the same time, Microsoft was an invasion of the hotmail account for 33 million, accounting for more than 12%; Google compromised Gmail account number to 24 million, accounted for about 9%.

also has thousands of stolen users and passwords that seem to belong to some of the major U.S. banking institutions, production companies and retail companies. According to a survey report released by the

Alliance Security (Cloud) recently released a survey report, the network account information stolen accounts for 22% of all data intrusion events.

Horton is a Ukraine American, he specializes in Eastern European cyber crime threats. In 2014, he disclosed that there were 1 billion 200 million accounts being invaded. This has become the largest account of the world has been found in the event of an invasion.

his company is responsible for tracking the dynamic information in the forums and chat rooms, monitoring potential network security threats. They use these hacker jargon to communicate with them, and the establishment of various criminal records and archives.

Horton said the identification of the identity of the hacker to spread the stolen account information, it may be exposed his researcher's investigative approach. Because of the hacker is from a number of channels to collect these data, the researchers gave him a nickname "the collector".

10 days ago, Security Hold company has informed the organization affected by the data invasion. The company's policy is to recover the stolen data back to the company to be invaded free of charge.

"this is the theft of data, we are not selling them. Horton said.

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