Many men want to rape eight year old woman naked body was arrested

Rape trial criminal law

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On the evening of March 13th

2016, a home of eight - year-old granny in three Tuo village, Shilong village, Shilong Town, Guiping, several villagers were holding a middle-aged man naked. Recently, the Guiping Municipal People's court held a trial of the case.

Guiping City People's court judge the Lihui

that night he sneaked into the victim's home, want to force sexual relationship with the victim, he is implementation of sexual assault, ambush in the surrounding relatives of victims, the defendant was caught on the spot.

caught the man surnamed Chen, more than 40 years old this year, is also the village villagers, previously because of theft was sentenced to a fixed-term imprisonment, released from prison in 2012. Now, he was under the hand of the village eight years old people living alone.

Guiping City People's court judge Wu Lihui

(old man) she usually also to her daughter that she was sexually assaulted, they also pay attention to the prevention of the village people, have ambush in the surrounding layout, monitoring, claus.

according to the old man, before Chen had sneaked into her residence, harassment of her. Later, the old man told the matter to his family, the family will lie in the vicinity of the elderly.

2016" in the evening of March 3rd, Chen sneaked into the old house, ready to rape for the elderly, the elderly family members were caught on the spot.

Guiping City People's court judge

Lihui the defendant forced sexual relations with women, has violated the "criminal law", constitute the crime of rape, rape should be sentenced to three years, ten years. Due to the families of the victims in a timely manner to stop his behavior, he (the defendant) is in accordance with the law, attempted rape, attempted rape is a lighter punishment, we finally court of the defendant of rape and sentenced to three years in prison.

in recent years, all kinds of crimes involving elderly people who live alone have become prominent, and the quality of life and personal safety of the elderly living alone need to be paid attention to.

Guiping City People's court judge the Lihui

as children should care more about the elderly often at home as far as possible not to let the elderly live alone in a place

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Many men want to rape eight year old woman naked body was arrested

Many men want to rape eight year old woman naked body was arrested