Wang Ou, Wu Xin, the same age skin is very poor!

Wang Ou Wu Xin wrestling we love each other

gaifanyule· 2017-06-28 15:31:17

Wu Xin Willber Pan, recently because of this embarrassing funny couples see "we love", the two is a bit a bit ripe and unripe star to show, it seems strange molimen!

(Wang Ou and Ming supermarket) on the

in addition to them, the most surprising for a hypothetical couple is Ming and Wang Ou, show was broadcast on the 4, two people daily life is quite sweet!

" (wrestling for Ming Bo beautiful smile)

Wang Ou at the Mongolia wrestling look very happy, want to let her happy Ming ten seconds, and the wrestler said, what will this your visitors want to rally and wrestler, and can fall a few times.

" (touched Wang Ou) fell

funny again and again, just to win a beautiful smile, Wang Ou is very hard on the road!

" (Wang Ou is surprised to find that the road did not hang up the phone)

finally, two people in Mongolia in the rest, Ming accidentally caught a cold, Wang Oushi also very concerned about. Two people call, chat, talk, male god Ming, not even willing to hang up the phone!

" (Wang Ou and Ming goodnight, show subtitled "makeup is beautiful")

however, compared to the two star imaginary love sweet cry more conspicuous things, Wang Ou slept in the bed, she is not up remover? Program group actually also equipped with text, Su Yan is also beautiful"!

" (in the bed Wang Ou mascara, lipstick, eye shadow clearly visible)

distance is the goddess makeup, closer look you will find that Wang Ou is not the makeup, just put into makeup makeup! She slept with makeup and had a woman's watch machine!

eye shadow, blingbling~, and mascara is also covered with thick mascara! This is probably the only makeup makeup and straight, do not know what people!

(Wang Ou

and Wang Ou makeup) real makeup is actually the case, the eyebrows is very shallow, heavy black eye, eyelash is very short! However, she does not have much difference between Su Yan and her make-up!

" ("we love" in Wu Xin and Wang Ou

) and Wu Xin 34 years old, Wang Ou is 35 years old, two people are in love this show, Wu Xin is too young to skin a little far less than Wang Ou, the TV screen HD in her wrinkles particularly heavy!

has maintained very good Wang Ou, as a goddess, even on their own Su Yan is not confident? Does she have a good opinion of Ming Dao? Cast aside fan's emotion, just talk about appearance, Wang Ou and Ming two people can really match each other!

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