Have you tried using iPhone as a tape measure? ARKit has helped you implement this function

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tengxunkeji· 2017-06-28 19:44:44

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reported in June 28th this year in the apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on the release of a ARKit development tool, it is a framework tool allows the developer to join the augmented reality function during the development of iOS application.

ARKit can dramatically change the way people use their phones, for example, tape measure applications are the best examples.

developers have developed several tape measuring applications using ARKit, which can use mobile phone cameras to measure distances and show measurement accuracy. One of the applications called AR Measure can be used either as a tape measure or as a line between two points.

now has more than one tape measure, and another application called ARuler has a similar function.

Apple has a short enough time to provide developers with ARKit, but this tool has shown great capabilities, and several of the apple apps are quite attractive. Another recent ARKit app developed by

allows you to paint in mid air using iPhone.

also has a developer who even uses ARKit to show a new iPhone effect diagram.

the show itself is cool, but what's more exciting is that ARKit is a very new thing, and its enormous potential hasn't been tapped yet.

this happens in our lives: when you need to use a tape measure, you can't find it. At this point, this small application on iPhone can be a great help. (compile / Lin Jingdong)

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