Your iPhone 7 might have come from the coal miners

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tengxunkeji· 2017-07-04 08:38:56

BI" Chinese station reported on July 3rd

China has many iPhone factory production here into the off-season and season, off-season production slow season overtime.

the fall of the year before a new generation of iPhone release and holiday sales season, Foxconn and other companies operating in the mainland many manufacturing plants will substantially increase production, to meet the huge global demand for a new generation of iPhone.

to produce more iPhone, Foxconn and other companies need more workers, sometimes they will recruit from the formal labor market to these workers, but sometimes it is from some unconventional channels to obtain more workers, such as the state-owned coal company to borrow from workers.

these workers work overtime every day to assemble iPhone, and the pay is only a few dollars, which is a huge deal. Outside the factory gate loudspeakers constantly playing recruitment news, around the village covered with the help of the slogan, the local government even issued a quota to the village or the provinces, to ensure that these factories can get enough workers, so as to guarantee the production of iPhone.

last fall, Foxconn needed to produce a lot of iPhone 7, but its workers were badly off and borrowed many workers from the state-owned coal company. In the past few years, Guangdong has issued quotas to local governments on how many workers they need to provide Foxconn, according to an online government announcement.

many workers have been recruited by a Zhengzhou manufacturer. Zhengzhou is in the Middle East, and the city is even known as the apple city". According to Foxconn, the company has set up a manufacturing plant in Zhengzhou with 250 thousand workers. Workers are so mobile that they quit when they find better jobs or want to go home.

in China, the manufacture of a iPhone is still a manual process, requiring a lot of workers to participate in, their work is to tighten a certain screw day after day. Foxconn says it plans to use robots to automate these factories. In the fourth quarter of

2016, Apple sold 78 million 200 thousand iPhone and earned $54 billion. Almost all of these phones are assembled in china. President Trump said he wanted apple to build a big factory in the United states". (compile / Lin Jingdong)

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