Caesarean section and the most painful sequelae of natural labor, this life can not forget!

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jiatingyishengzaixian· 2017-07-05 16:34:11

believe that many baby mothers must be the children to choose the delivery or caesarean section? Natural labor fears ache, caesarean section is afraid to leave scar again not good-looking?

in fact, we need to see which sequela is the positive solution. Want to know caesarean section and natural labor what sequela are there? I suggest you take a look at the following treasure mother's personal experience.

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I am bad children when Shun produced more than 20 hours of pain alone, 5 years after the ectopic pregnancy bleeding that pain, nearly died, two years after another ectopic pregnancy, now well, so what what Caesarean birth as long as alive you pick up a life.

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my two eutocia friend said, a few years, they are still laughing or sneezing, because there will be some leakage of urine. I wonder if this situation is rare in spontaneous labor. The feeling is that as long as you have a baby, either way, it will hurt. I am 125652831:

@ user profile, others say is not really a Caesarean birth had a baby, I want to say to you your great pain you Caesarean birth know how much hate the birth of people feel relaxed after, I want to say that children who not go back from the jaws of death.

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side cutting needle the pain, biting his own. The palace mouth open soon also the needle is really forget

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don't shun painless, I hit a fetal painless tailbone super pain, beginning simply can not sit. It's a bit painful to sit down for a long time after maternity leave.

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caesarean section, the doctor did not sew, under staggered more than one centimeter, is the side pull tight side up to about inside, I split for three years, and now the stomach on both sides of the rugged...... began to desperately sad, now slowly accepted.

" I think no matter is the birth or caesarean section, can bear the side cut, take birth, stay under caesarean scar is a great mother!

, but it's hard to say, but after all, everyone's physique is different. Now the hospital can generally natural childbirth, never let you caesarean section, natural or caesarean section, is not their own say.

I hope every mother will have a good baby, and she will not have any illness.

, spontaneous delivery and caesarean section sequelae, treasure mother experienced?


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