Summer with baby, the old man often said these 8 things really can not listen to! To do so is to harm the child!

Baby summer kid

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hope that parents can read patiently, let the baby survive the summer!

1: hot weather, to shave

summer baby shaved head, for the following reasons: the hair grow thicker and darker; and cooler, the baby is not easy to long prickly heat.

, however, these are false images!

hair grows out of the hair follicle, and shaven head does not change the structure of the hair follicle. In addition, shaved hair does not let the baby more cool, but more harm to the baby:

shaved head, hair and lack of radiation protection, direct sunlight on the scalp, easily lead to head skin to absorb heat increases, more easy to long prickly heat;

on the other hand the skin in the water more easily evaporate, easy to heat stroke

; finally, the head exposed skin area increase, more likely to recruit mosquito bites! The most important thing about

is how hard it is to shave a little bald head on a woman's baby!

two mistakes: the hot weather, to wear pants

at home with the baby, there are several pants. Usually in the home, in a safe environment to wear and wear, even if, but there are many parents take their baby to the playground, shopping malls and other places also wear it!

this really bad! Harm to wear pants is very large:

does not easily lead to health, vulvitis, urinary tract infection, acute cystitis and other health problems;

is not safe, the baby's privates easily outside object bump, thorn, clip, hot, wipe and mosquito bites;

not civilization, neither the formation of self protection in respect of the baby consciousness, ignore the protection of personal privacy, it also ignores the problem of early sex education.

so, for your parents, don't give the baby wear pants!

three wrong: the weather is hot, to feed more water,

many people's parenting concept is: Baby summer easy to get angry, drink plenty of water.

it's hot. It's OK to drink more water, but we should also pay attention to age.

the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies do not need extra water before they are added six months ago. Because it's full of water, whether it's breast milk or formula!

breast milk and formula contains 87% moisture content, can meet the baby's growth and development needs.

if the baby is less than 6 months old replenishment, it is likely to interfere with the normal frequency of breast-feeding, affecting normal feeding, and even heavier kidney burden.

four wrong: the weather is hot, can not wear diapers

, many parents feel: in hot weather, wear diapers airtight, stuffy more hot, easy red buttocks, genital development is also no good.

first, diaper is breathable, touch the small fart know; secondly, the red ass, mainly due to improper care or adults, long time did not change diapers, or PP not clean and not dry wear diapers, easier to baby diaper rash.

so you can wear diapers in the summer, as long as you can help your baby change frequently, don't worry too much about other problems. In addition, summer is a good time to train your baby to go to the toilet and seize the opportunity.

five wrong: the weather is hot, can not blow the air conditioning,

air conditioning is very easy to cause the child cold, sick?

but in fact, hot days do not air conditioning, stuffy in the room, no one will feel uncomfortable. Moreover, the baby's body temperature regulation ability is weaker than adults, they tend to be more uncomfortable than adults, and more harmful. Both the effect of sleep is not conducive to the growth and development, and easy to long prickly heat, but also easy to heat stroke.

so the air conditioner is available! As long as the indoor temperature of about 22-26 degrees, so that indoor and outdoor temperature difference of 5-7 degrees, air conditioning is not to the baby blowing, and regularly clean thoroughly, then the baby is not easy to fall ill.

also, if you are really worried about the baby catch cold, can give him to wear cotton, thin jumpsuit.

six: wrong summer out cannot use sunscreen

of the elderly of the bath lotion, sunscreen and moisturizer generally exclusion, they always think: these things add chemical materials, age is too small for the skin is not good!

however, the summer UV is very strong, the baby's delicate skin, poor tolerance, melanin less, very easy to sunburn, grow up after skin disease will increase the risk.

kids go out, the best choice before 10 in the morning and afternoon time after the 4 point; if you must go out against the sun, more than six months of the baby must use special baby sunscreen, or wear a hat, sunscreen clothing etc..

seven wrong: the weather is hot, sweating more calcium,

as long as the calcium deficiency and a little relationship symptoms, parents want to give the baby calcium. For example, when the baby sleeps more sweating, parents think that the constitution is weak, is a calcium deficiency.

in fact, most babies sleep sweating is a physiological phenomenon of normal, and the indoor temperature is too high, the sleep environment is not good, too much wear cover and other factors, as long as the improvement in these aspects can be, do not need calcium! If Po mother feels abnormal, should take the baby to the hospital for interrogation in time, don't judge privately.

eight wrong: the weather can not walk barefoot

, there is a treasure mother Tucao interesting: such a hot June days, there is a cold called grandma feel cold!

toddler baby love barefoot in the indoor jumping around very much, but the family old people think: the floor is too cold,

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