Zhang Jie was angry. The cover of tort, face lost

Zhang Jie Zhao Zhao Li Jian when you're old

tanzi· 2017-07-06 07:23:14

In fact, this thing is over

less than half a month, because of a report, Zhang Jie once again successfully pushed in the teeth of the storm.

last month in June 18th, is the father's day, also happens to be Zhang Jie 2017 World Tour Concert in Sydney I want to stand in time. Ten to one it was planned ahead, and Zhang Jie wanted to sing to his father.

" at this point in time, very natural idea, but also more appropriate. Which song does

sing? Well, for the last two or three years, the song "when you're old" is hot and artistic. Just this one. Thus, it became one of the many songs covered by Zhang Jie's concert.

fans were moved.

Zhang Jie also seems to be satisfied with their choice of the song, the concert ended, micro-blog also said "" Silence "," when you are old "the song & hellip; …

" this sentence, not the subject, the first cause of the controversy is that other singers would live in concert to show this song is not the first field. If it's Zhang Jie's own live singing, I have nothing to say.

small details, whether or not, can be controversial later. Someone asked, "at the concert, do you have the authority of the author to sing this song?". Zhao Zhao, the original author of the song, could not sit still, and shouted on micro-blog.

fans to defend Zhang Jie, but the moment the face, so seriously, how to make this already belongs to the problem of tort.

Zhao Zhao said their work on their own without the knowledge, many people to use is a very common phenomenon, the last sentence, "sang before repeatedly called not to fight, at least not professional, not polite. Disrespected".

Zhao Zhao side of the forwarding language can be regarded as very restrained, but three words, or see quite angry attitude.

estimates that Zhang Jie's side still did not respond after a half day's gesture. In the evening, Zhao Zhao returned to himself for a while, and his music was his own flesh and blood. "Gene blood relationship can not change, the most root feelings can not change.". "That's pretty heavy.

" Zhang Jie party finally admit a mistake, issued an apology statement, sincerity of you for yourself. Zhang Jie's own micro-blog did not forward and related statements.

", Zhao Zhao, also forwarded the relevant micro-blog, praised Zhang Jie. But obviously, gas is not eliminated, otherwise, there will not be in the interview with the Southern Metropolis Daily interview those words, after a lapse of several days, continue to make this thing fermented.

, "Southern Metropolis Daily": "", "when you are old," did not say hello, are you angry?

Zhao Zhao: , I have not risen to rights, just respecting, even mutual respect between friends, not to mention strangers. So many people sing this song, chose Zhang Jie because he is doing too much, not only in their own commercial concert to sing this song, made a video, he also made micro-blog said that this song is his song, from first to last did not say this song belongs to whom. The first is a professional, do not respect the original, not polite.

", "Zhang Jie", Zhao Zhaodui was very miserable. Zhao Zhao is not

but in some small be beneath the human character, "public welfare activities or bars can sing, but as a very famous idol singer, the most basic program or have. "

, this is a question of copyright awareness. Now Chinese music copyright issues have gradually changed, so when Zhang Jie party still do so, use this song on the show, to make such a mistake, should not be tolerated, they should accept the criticism.

" remember, earlier this year, Gao Xiaosong also because of copyright issues, the other Zhang Jie oh.

" a voice said Zhao Zhao is a well-known Zhang Jietai, want to hype, fall. Wrong is wrong, this statement is too stingy.

" also need to note is that Zhao Zhao is a famous musician, Zhao Lei has long recognized him as a teacher, lyrics, music, singing and even no problem, now the folk circles, can not ignore the existence of Zhao Zhao.

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