Survey: high priced yogurt and cheap yogurt nutritional value is almost the same

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guanchazhewang· 2017-07-06 07:30:10

according to Beijing Youth Daily reported on July 6th, the advent of summer, yogurt quietly rising prices unconsciously. Recently, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter found in the market survey, this summer, the big bull enterprises claiming to be called "high-end yogurt" products obvious expansion, usually a cup of 200 grams of yogurt at around 10 yuan. Careful comparison will find that the price of yogurt and the nutritional value of the representative of the "bacteria" is not directly proportional to the relationship.

" consumer is the selection of low temperature yoghurt (figure from Beijing Youth Daily)

dazzling gimmick varieties of numerous

BYD reporter found in the supermarket, yogurt products nominal various tastes and various additives, almost all of it is "price competition" weight: according to the regional classification, what type of flavor, Yunnan Mongolian flavor, Japanese, Greek, Danish, Bulgaria, Ukraine flavor; but also by the classification of additives, what flavor, cheese, ice cream, salt taste, coconut rose flavor, Matcha green apple flavor and so on.

"in fact, the most important nutritional value of yogurt lies in the addition of bacteria. The strains are different and the nutritional value is different.". "One industry insider said.

BYD reporter survey found that the current market many self proclaimed high-end yogurt products, the price and bacterial flora is not proportional. For example, add two conventional bacteria (Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus) three yuan Poria yogurt, 150 grams per cup price 2.8 yuan, while the same is to add a two conventional flora old memories of Beijing flavor yogurt 195 grams, the price of 6.5 yuan, another 128 grams of milk flavor it contains two normal flora, the price up to 9.9 yuan.

so, in addition to a small amount of "weight difference", in fact, businesses nominal high price "gimmicks" is only some so-called flavor and a small amount of Cereals, oats and other additives only.

high-end yogurt Market Consumer herd to prevent false high-end "

senior dairy expert Wang Dingmian in an interview with reporters BYD further explained that the high price does not necessarily represent the high-end products, mainly to see whether the" high-end yogurt fermentation, maturity, and not just the taste, sweet and sour distinction. "To add

strains, BYD reporter randomly in the market investigation and comparison of fermented milk flavor about 20 different brands, which is the largest and the added strain of Bifidobacterium fermented milk run" clear ", Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Lactobacillus, Lactobacillus paracasei strains were 6 including, followed by adding honey fermented milk, 5 strains of 4 species of Yili JoyDay add flavor of fermented milk, most of the high-end yogurt only added 2-3 strain.

is not difficult to see the list of ingredients in a variety of high-end products marked in dense yogurt, many brands also add sugar, cream, whey protein powder, egg yolk powder, edible essence, gelatin and pectin with different compositions.

well-known dairy analyst Song Liang pointed out that China lacks really relevant logo on the relevant inspection specification of yogurt, is relatively weak, so the current market does appear to change the packaging into a high-end yogurt yogurt phenomenon. In addition, there are yogurt, obviously containing 50% of the recovery milk, that is to reconcile with milk, but this type of yogurt price is more expensive than fermented yogurt with raw milk, this is very abnormal. According to analysis, with the upgrading of China's population consumption, yogurt prices led to an increase in profit margins. According to statistics, in the past 3 years, the average annual price of yogurt increased by 13.5%, of which 7% to 9% from the so-called "high-end yogurt."".

text and photo / reporter Li Jia

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