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16 game SFC/SNES sale. SFC/SNES 1990-1995 is the best game host, until it was discontinued in 2003, worldwide sales reached 49 million 100 thousand units, only Wii and the original NES console in Nintendo. And recently, there is news that, in addition to its own configuration of the game, SNES some classic version of the game may be sold separately after the sale.

" according to foreign media news, Nintendo limited liability company senior executive Osaka Koji (Sumoshi Yamato) said: "we have been considering using the Virtual Console platform provides different ways for game game player, we can put these games as packaged software or download card the way to sell, but if we start selling this product, I think we should first consider whether you can set up this business model, we need to understand their needs through a variety of game player survey. "

Virtual Console is the Nintendo Co launched Wii host 3DS store and electronic stores online service channel, let the game player through the VC platform to buy and download games and software, to expand the Wii and 3DS functions. Virtual Console in the game is the last game on a host of classical works, including the game platform FC, SFC, GB, N64, MS, MD and Sega, SNK Neo Geo. The

SNES Classic Edition was launched in September 29th, priced at $79.99, with two controllers and 21 games. Including the 1990 first game "super Mario world", "the legend of Zelda: the Delta Force", two "Kirby", "Final Fantasy 6", and even a never sold the "Star" Firefox 2.

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