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Liar WeChat Liaoyang Shenyang

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woman in the pharmacy purchase price 13.5 the mask and the salesperson 100 yuan in cash. After the

sales have change, the woman said to pay WeChat, going back to the note to the companion. The partner folded up the notes and changed another note to the clerk, insisting he would settle the bill in cash.

female salesperson no longer tested, so she did not expect to be on the same day, such a scam, she suffered two times, only one hour apart.

also found the same scam at the other two pharmacies over the past two days.

7 6, a Liaoyang chain pharmacy salesperson Wang holding two hundred dollars of counterfeit money, tears, "one hour, two cheats I cheated, this liar too hateful. "The

trick consists of four step

the king's daughter provided to reporters three surveillance video, dismantling counterfeit liar flower tricks can be seen not only very liar seasoned, calm and skillful analysis is, after numerous attempts, I do not know how much the cashier unfortunately caught, it is difficult to be found.

the trick is divided into four steps:

1. a man and a woman, enter the pharmacy, look around, pick the price only ten yuan of goods.

2. woman in the checkout, the man took out 100 yuan banknote payment, the cashier check.

3. after looking for small change, to do not want to buy, and use WeChat payment and other excuses, the man to go back to the test of real money, and immediately returned to the cashier forged notes.

4. cashier mistakenly thought it was just checked the real money to complete the cashier, two people succeeded and left immediately.

a woman, a man, a seemingly married couple, a clear division of labor, women's main job is to distract the cashier's attention. He is a real man skillful surgeon who.

"change" to spend 4 counterfeit 3 pharmacies caught

Ms. Wang worked for the drugstore chain in New Street, 5, 20 pm, busy settlement she found two hundred dollars of counterfeit money collection, "every piece of banknote are carefully check, should not happen? "

pharmacy provisions, the salesperson is responsible for receipt of the money," the two counterfeit money equivalent to two days in vain, especially angry. "And just before that, she heard that two pharmacies had received counterfeit money, including the same drugstore. A succession of counterfeit money, Ms. Wang wanted to find out, she called out of the store surveillance video, from the opening of the business began to find. When the

video on the 16, Ms. Wang finally found the whole process of real currency substitution with counterfeit liar.

at that time, a man and a woman went to the pharmacy and chose a mask. It was 13.50 yuan. When I received the money, I saw it very carefully, but I didn't find any problem. "Ms. Wang to change after the woman, the woman said to use WeChat paid $100 bill to return to the just man. In only 1 seconds, the man handed the 100 dollar note to Ms. Wang. "Don't use WeChat."".

as separated by the cashier, Ms. Wang did not find the process of using counterfeit banknote man stuff. After

1 hours, the other for men and women to enter the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test strip in the name of hundreds of yuan notes and successful substitution, this time they switch when excuse is too expensive, do not buy. "

from video shop Wu Sheng can be seen, they are used in the same way, and which one person holding a foreign accent.

reminder: cash and pay more attention to

7 month 6 days, Ms. Wang micro-blog denounced the deceitful trick, and to remind the merchants of Liaoyang, "such cases must be the eyes, carefully check the switch after the money, do not give crooks an opportunity. "

Ms. Wang said," he did three years clerk, because there is no set up a collection of people, he is both a salesperson and cashier, never encountered this situation. Ms. Wang did not use the detectors, depending on the experience to judge the authenticity of banknotes, a glance at the back, with two fingers rub, listening to the sound can distinguish true and false, Ms. Wang said, blame themselves too careless, but in an hour, hit by two cheats, too irritating. "

now, the police have been involved in the investigation. What else is the

counterfeit scam?

1. shopping raised 4 hundred dollar bills to find money, money is for the wedding, pay attention to, must be wrapped in red paper, 100 yuan notes back to the owner of the pass, with a red wrapper substitution process.

2. counterfeit money fell next to the object of fraud, leaving the partner to defraud the object "penny", using various pretexts to leave counterfeit money to the victim, to defraud the property.

3. women seduce men to engage in erotic activities, distract their attention, and then change the real money in other men's clothes with counterfeit money by other criminals. The man left the scene after will find unusual, because ashamed, had to swallow.

4. with a small amount of real currency posing the so-called "high simulation" samples, the victim confuse purchase; then in a formal transaction, will be a large number of cut lace paper (or lace Mingbi) banding, the upper and lower sides with real money or a high simulation package, trying to buy counterfeit fraud victims of profit.

5. is gambling

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