Millet shipments high innovation, is expected to break one hundred million units of the Ming shipment!

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The first good news

Lei Jun regain supply chain after the.

7 7, Lei Jun released an internal letter, announced that in the second quarter of 2017, mobile phone shipments reached 23 million 160 thousand units, the quarterly shipments of millet phone is the highest in seven years since the highest in history.

" in addition, the letter also pointed out that millet in the last 7071 patents in the world, has authorized 2895 patents (half of which is the international invention patent).

this can be regarded as the greatest achievement of the supply chain to Lei Jun. In May 2016, Lei Jun announced an internal mail, will be responsible for their own mobile phone product R & D and supply chain management team. Lei Jun instead of Zhou Guangping, some of this may be due to millet, since the second half of last year, market share has continued to decline. In the first quarter of this year, IDC report pointed out that, millet first quarter shipments fell to HUAWEI, OPPO, vivo, and even fell out of the top five, was referred to the "other" category.

according to data released by IDC, 2016 global mobile phone sales rankings, Samsung and apple are still in the first second, shipments have a larger lead. In contrast, domestic mobile phone manufacturers, OPPO and vivo is the biggest winner last year, an increase of about 90%, while the most lost is millet, or 25%.

from the beginning of 2015, there are a number of market research report pointed out that millet shipments are gradually shrinking, declining market share, and equipped with 820 Xiaolong 5 millet production capacity may lead to low volume shipments reason. In addition, the lack of offline channels, too much reliance on the network business model led to panic buying, millet in the fierce competition in the market situation will not sink to the mobile phone enough of this city, but also to some extent affected the sales.

this year's sales growth has stagnated, the overall relationship between slow hand and intelligent mobile phone industry, on the other hand, and millet had over reliance on online channel on. After nearly one or two years of exploration in the millet home line channels, said Lei Jun is still in the letter, ", the construction of channels under the line by the end of July 7th, the number of national millet shop has reached 123, the floor effect in the way ahead. July 8th, the day is expected to open 14 stores! "

in addition, Lei Jun also said that after three years of firm input and unremitting efforts, millet India market exploration has achieved good results. "In the first half of this year, our India performance grew by 328%, the market share has been ranked second, millet brand has become the most popular mobile phone brand in India, red rice Note4X has become the best-selling local mobile phones."". At the same time, millet is also in Indonesia, Russia, Ukraine and other countries have achieved good results.

below is the full text of the letter:

, millet students, Hello!

this afternoon, the company held a mobile phone business swearing, I posted a good news at the meeting: in the second quarter of mobile phone shipments of 23 million 160 thousand units, growth of 70%, creating a new record in mobile phone shipments in the US quarter, which means that after two years of adjustment, the rapid growth of millet again!

this is a significant victory in the history of millet development! No mobile phone company in the world has been able to make a successful reversal after the decline in sales, except for millet! Why can we reverse?

one, always adhere to technological innovation, user centric, to promote fine management

, in the past few years, we continue to increase R & D investment, fruitful. The surging S1 chip released in February broke through the core technology of mobile phone chip. We are still camera, screen, battery etc. several core components of direction continue Sike, also gained a lot of achievements, April release of millet 6 optical zoom double perturbation excellent photographic effect, May release of millet Max 2 battery performance for up to 31 days standby card, which is the embodiment of our technical strength. Last year, we applied for 7071 patents in the world, and obtained 2895 patents (half of which were international patents).

at the beginning of this year, I personally led the Quality Committee, after more than 10 special meetings of the discussion, developed a detailed quality action program, and set up quality office, special supervision! Our goal is to win the market with the quality of the iron fist!

's sales have been poor for the past year, mainly for two months of serious shortages. This is the most serious challenge since the founding of millet, but also the focus of our missed lesson. Shipments in the second quarter proved that our delivery capacity was improving gradually. The

two upgrade, the new retail model, online and offline successfully

millet as a Internet Co, is the foundation of our business. Online, we continue to improve the shopping experience millet mall, while focusing on cooperation with other platforms, such as 618 this year, we are in Tmall, Jingdong, Suning three platform to win the mobile phone sales champion.

online channel construction, as of July 7th, millet home, the number of stores nationwide has reached 123, and opened a fire, flat effect in the industry ahead. July 8th, the day is expected to open 14 stores!

three, three years into the final results, the outbreak of international business growth of

after three years of unremitting efforts and firm investment, this year is the first year of the outbreak of the Triumphant news keeps pouring in., millet international business.

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